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This full-featured 10" HD kids tablet from Amazon has a Kid-Proof Case with kickstand, parental controls, 2-year worry-free guarantee and 1 year of Amazon Kids+. Easy-to-use parental controls allow you to filter content and set educational goals and time limits while you can give children access to more apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer Kids, Disney+, Seesaw Class and Zoom via the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Here's what Gabby, mum of Adaline, five, thought of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet.

How did this product make your life easier?

With a tech-savvy five-year-old who has had access to playing games on tablets and mobile phones since she was around two years old and coming from the smaller Amazon-style tablets, she was in awe of this grown-up tablet with a huge screen! It was simple to set up by just switching it on, connecting to the WiFi and registering to an email address or Amazon account. It's even better if you have had previous Amazon products as we were able to restore all her favourite games, books and downloads from the previous fire tablet, so she was soon ready to enjoy exploring the extra storage.

Having upgraded from one of the original Amazon fire kids tablets, the 10.1inch screen and the 32Gb of memory was a massive improvement from her previous 7in 16GB Fire kids tablet which has become sluggish and was always out of memory – very frustrating for a child to understand. No more crashing and room for lots more games! I liked how I was able to download additional apps such as Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube and allow access to these on the kids profile.

The 32Gb of memory also allowed for a super quick download of a few movies from Disney ready for a long car journey. Amazon still includes the 2 years worry-free guarantee to give parents peace of mind against any drops of bumps and the kid friends case now includes a handy multi-position stand that doubles as a handle for easy carrying and use on the go.

There is also a 1 years free subscription to Amazon kids + included which is what allows them access to hundreds of games, videos and books that are both fun and educational.

My daughter soon found that this version of the fire included a dual camera which can easily be switched between rear and front-facing camera -  perfect for silly selfies and including these in her games.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

I would recommend the Amazon Fire 10 HD to any parent looking to upgrade or even purchase their child’s first tablet, the larger screen is great for games and watching their favourite shows. The bright and colourful case makes it fun and keeps the tablet protected without being too bulky.

The tablet claims to have 10 hours battery life and in the 2 weeks we have had it I think I have only charged it twice, even after daily use there was hardly any movement on the battery life. I really liked that I could download the Amazon kids app on my phone where I could add time limits and enable and disable specific features like web browsers where certain websites can be blocked. The time limits work wonders on school nights when trying to negotiate a balance of screen time and school work.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Out of all other products on the market I feel this is the best option for younger children. The Amazon Fire 10 HD replaces my daughter's original Amazon Fire 7 tablet hands down, it has a bigger screen and more capacity than the basic Amazon tablets. £200 May seem expensive for a child’s tablet but I would say it was on par with the higher end tablets such as the Apple iPad with half the price tag and added kids features and the 2-year worry-free guarantee. It’s fast enough for them to run games, watch movies and browse the internet.

What changes would you make to this product?

The protective case doesn’t seem as bulky as her previous tablet so I am hoping it will offer the same protection to the screen if dropped. It would have been nice to have a few more case colours and pattern options to choose from as currently there are only three options – lavender, blue and aquamarine.

Claiming to offer a faster charge, Amazon has annoyingly now changed the charger port. It is larger than before and having had multiple Amazon products before this means many of our chargers are now obsolete so scrambling around for a charger becomes frustrating.

Looking for a tablet for older children? Why not try the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet.

Product Information

  • Display: Brilliant 10.1” (25.6 cm) 1080p display (1920 x 1200) with over 2 million pixels (224 ppi), for bright, vivid image quality. Screen made with strengthened aluminium silicate glass.

  • Size: 209 x 269 x 27 mm

  • Storage: 32 GB (24.2 GB available to user) of internal storage. Add a microSD card for up to 1 TB of additional storage. Some apps may require that they are installed on internal storage. App or feature updates may impact available storage.

  • Battery life: Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching video and listening to music. Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage and other factors such as web browsing and downloading content. Certain software features or apps may reduce battery life.

  • Charge time: Fully charges from 0 to 100% in approximately 4 hours while connected to the provided (9 W) adaptor, while the device is in standby.

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