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NIVEA SUN Kids Protect & Care Roll-On 50+ 

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Protecting skin from harmful UV rays in childhood is vital, as is finding the best baby sunscreen for your children. NIVEA Kids Protect and Care Roll on SPF 50+ has been developed to provide effective, water-resistant protection against UVA and UVB for children’s skin. It’s designed to be convenient and appealing for children to use. We wanted to know how well it performed in real-life situations, so we gave the product to our testers to find out!

Who tested the product?

Hannah Crothers is a mum to a 2-year-old girl and 2-month-old boy. She says, "We enjoy spending as much time as possible out in our small garden or local park and playground. As a fair-skinned family
with Celtic genes, I don’t like to take any risks when it comes to UV exposure for my children, so having suncream to hand is essential!"

Mother and Baby SEO Executive and dad tester Tim Ferid also tested this product for us. He says it's his first time having a young baby in the summer months, and that keeping his 4.5-month-old son Otis protected from the sun is a priority and required when wanting to be out and about. He notes that the product isn't meant to be used for children under 3 and there is advice about avoiding suncream under the age of 6 months due to skin allergies, however, he exercises his own parental discretion, saying: "safer to risk allergy than baby to get sun damage."

Trusted by many, this nivea sun protection for kids comes in a handy travel size with easy roll-on application. The formula claims to be extra water resistant, absorbing quickly and providing long-lasting moisture while supporting the skin's protective barrier to reduce the risk of sun allergies.


  • Provides immediate protection and reduces the risk of sun allergies
  • Supports the skin's protective barrier and provides long-lasting moisture
  • Comes in a handy size to take with you on the go
  • Suitable for delicate skin


  • Not meant to be used for children under 3
  • Not the cheapest on the market
Size:50 ml
  • Roll-on
  • Water resistant
  • Travel-size
  • Moisturising
  • Developed for delicate skin

What the product was tested for?

Hannah used this suncream with her daughter and on herself during May and June. She says, "We have
used it before playing in the garden and in the paddling pool on sunny days.

"It has lived in my handbag and been applied when we’ve been out and about", says Hannah. This product has high UVA and UVB protection and meets standards for water resistance. Hannah says, "I was interested to know how easy it was to apply well and what it felt like once applied."

Tim also tested wanted to test the application of the product to see how easy it would be to apply it to a baby and how well it absorbs into the skin. He was also interested to see if it was good value for money.

Testing the NIVEA SUN Kids Protect & Care Roll-On 50+

This is a compact sunscreen, which Hannah says took up little space in her handbag. She says, "I was able to keep it in there and have it available whenever we had the opportunity to enjoy some nice weather outside."

Like Tim, Hannah also noticed that the product information states it is paediatrically approved for children aged 3+. She says, "Since my daughter is not quite 3, I tested it on a small patch of skin and checked for no signs of irritation before applying it more widely."

"We found the roll-on design made it easy to apply the right amount and get good coverage of the skin" says Hannah. "My daughter was able to apply it herself to her limbs with supervision, which she enjoyed. It rubbed in easily and she liked the feel, wanting to put more and more on!"

Hannah's daughter is quite petite and so they found the roll-on ball was a bit large to apply directly to the contours of her face. She says, "I applied the cream to my fingers and then rubbed into her face."

Tim thought the 50+ protection was very high and the perfect level for his baby. "It isn’t the cheapest, and you pay £5.50 on boots for a small amount," he says, "however, for a baby you do not need much. Tim thinks it may not be the best value for a bigger child though, especially when needing to reapply regularly. He says that "although the product is water resistant it's always better to air inside of caution and reapply once child has had contact with water."

Tim was surprised by the number of ingredients, considering that the product is made to be for senstivie skin. However, he says, "Our baby has had no rashes from product". He also likes that the product reports to be biodegradable and 77% free from UV filters and microplastics.

Tim tested the application on his little one and reports: "Super easy to use, literally just roll the product on and rub in. Works well when trying to apply to a wriggly baby." He also appreciated the "nice fresh scent" and said it was "very smooth and moistening on the skin and is absorbed once rubbed in." However, he observes that you can still feel a "slight tackiness on the skin".

Overall, Tim found the product small and compact, and says it's easy to pop in a changing bag and be found with the classic Nivea blue and yellow packaging.

Proud aunt to her teen niece, Zara Mohammed is a Digital Writer for Mother&Baby. She has 10 years freelance writing experience creating lifestyle content for various platforms, including pregnancy, women’s health, parenting, child development and child mental health, plus lots of fun seasonal family articles and celebrity news.

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