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Pampers sensitive protect baby wipes are designed with your baby’s skin needs in mind. They help prevent skin irritation and to maintain the natural pH level of the skin. They are dermatologically tested and are free of phenoxyethanol, parabens, perfume & alcohol to provide gentle care for your baby’s skin. They are as mild as cotton wool and water and are recommended by the British Skin Foundation.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Louise: Not only are they great for nappy changing, they are also ideal for mealtimes and wiping dried food from baby's face as they are both sensitive and have a damper texture than many other brands. We tend to go through wipes very quickly in our household but these seemed to last longer than normal which I am sure my mummy friends would agree is a big plus.

Michelle: The packaging is neat and has a handy plastic lid which helps to keep the wipes moist when not in use. It's easy to distinguish that they are sensitive wipes from the packaging. The wipes are moist and lovely and soft for bottoms and faces.

Sharon: These wipes smell great and do a good job at cleaning. They are handy for spillages, clothes, grubby hands and faces! They are exactly what you need when you need to freshen up the kids. Easy to use, compact packaging and they last for a good length of time.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: Baby wipes are always a must! These wipes are extra thick making it a lot easier during nappy changes and to clean little fingers! I find that I use fewer wipes due to the quality of these, meaning the pack last longer. These wipes are easily picked up from any supermarket and have made it a lot easier to clean up any mess.

Laura: The wipes are quick to use, non-sticky, not too wet and do not irritate the baby’s skin. The packaging is attractive and being fairly plain white with a simple pattern makes you feel as if this is a good product for sensitive skin.

Louise: The Pampers Sensitive Protect wipes made my life as a mum easier as they are nice and thick and do not tear. They are also damper than some other brands which meant that the packet lasted a little while longer because it wasn't necessary to use a lot of wipes per nappy change.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: I really like this brand of wipes and have chosen this product to use with both of my children even with a five year age gap. The quality is excellent. The wipes are soft and don't rip when you use them. I also like the price and feel they are value for money compared to other sensitive brands.

Sharon: I love the smell, it is fresh and leaves a lovely fragrance after use. They are in nice plain packaging and they are very gentle on sensitive baby skin.

Lauren: This product is of excellent quality and has certainly made life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning up a mess! But they are very expensive compared to others available. As well as this, two or three wipes often end up coming out at once all attached together.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura: The closure system. You can see that pampers have been a bit more eco-conscious with the packaging by not having a plastic clip lid but it is ineffective as you have to waste the top few wipes in order to get to a wet wipe.

Louise: I would recommend a different seal on the wipes. This would not only help to deter my children from emptying the packet but could also make it so only one wipe at a time was dispensed. Sometimes when you only have one hand free you don't want more than one wipe to be pulled out.

Michelle: Previously there were large plastic boxes of wipes which were really useful and you could keep them near your changing station. These boxes held more than one packet and lasted longer. Therefore the only thing I would improve is adding additional options.

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