Neal’s Yard Remedies Baby Barrier Cream review

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Neal’s Yard Remedies Baby Barrier Cream

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Neal's Yard Remedies Baby Barrier Cream at a glance:

Help keep baby's skin soft and comfortable with this cream. Made with nourishing organic beeswax and organic chamomile, it is suitable for baby's delicate skin. Apply at each nappy change to help keep baby soft and comfortable.

How did this product make your life easier?

Janine: Works as a nice, thick barrier cream. I tended to use sudocreme before and I found that this cream was just as good but smells nicer! Its also in a more attractive container and it doesn’t stain like some other creams which are yellow coloured. It is quite expensive but would be a nice baby shower gift etc rather than something I would buy for myself.

Danielle: My daughter has been using this cream for 3 weeks now and we are yet to have a nappy rash breakout so it’s a big thumbs up from me. I love the smell and texture of the cream and a little bit goes such a long way. In addition to this it’s so easy to apply and I find there’s less residue left behind after using the product compared to others I have used in this market. This makes it easier for me when trying to get the clean nappy on after applying. We both don’t get in such a mess!

Nick: It doesn’t particularly make mum life easier. The twisty lid can also make it take longer to use rather than a clip off lid. Although I know this feature would be better for those older baby’s who want to play with the stuff. The product didn’t actually help heal my baby’s sore bum and I actually had to swap to another product for it to heal. So I haven’t seen it successfully work.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nicola: I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow parent. Neal’s Yard are a well-trusted and highly regarded brand, so I have confidence that the ingredients used are the best choice for my baby. The cream was lovely and thick, without feeling heavy. I found it absorbed into the skin well so was perfect for use after the bath and before bedtime. I used it as a nappy barrier cream as well as on cradle cap: needless to say, the nappy rash was instantly cleared as was the dry skin on the scalp! Like all Neal’s Yard products, the packaging and branding design is high quality, therefore it would also make a lovely gift in a hamper for a new parent.

Victoria: Baby started using this soother from early days as it was offered to us. Ordered this one as spare but soon became the main one in use as it is super easy to find at night when the lights are off and you don’t want to turn then on! Also, the design is very nice and baby quite likes it. We’ve tried other soothers from several brands but found baby wouldn’t really like them as they were too “big” and w Great product, easy to clean and baby son loves it for soothing pre naps and bedtime. Also great it has a case to keep soothers clean and sterilise too. My only question is if to sterilise in the microwave at what power as this is not mentioned in the instructions.

Kira: I would recommend this product to other mums. The tub is good value for money, and has allowed continuous use without having to keep buying more creams every few weeks. The initial use of the product i found fairly awkward, as the cream was alot more solid that others i had previously used, although once i was used to using this i found that i was able to use as much or as little as needed and tended not to waste the cream.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nick: I feel like this is simply an overpriced sudocream. The bottle is nice, texture is nice, but is exactly the same product just a different label and manufacturer. It’s not a product well heard of, unless you were a neals hard user yourself you wouldn’t then think to buy the baby stuff.. you would go for good old well used and recommended sudocream.

Jennifer: Yes as it glides on smoothly and quickly making for a quick and easy nappy change. It has a lovely lemony uplifting scent which is a great pick me up especially when sleep deprived and dealing with numerous nappy changes. It also has natural ingredients which take great care of babies delicate skin.

Nicola: Having used multiple baby creams, this stands out as the winner. The organic ingredients gave me comfort that I was making the best choice for my new born baby’s sensitive skin. The cream felt natural, gentle and was not highly perfumed. It is a high quality product and the results speak for themselves!

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: The price for a barrier cream I think is a bit much when others on the market from well known brands are only around £5 and work as well but obviously aren’t organic or approved by the soil association. The tub I automatically thought it was glass as it’s pretty hard so I’d look into a tub squeeze packing for smaller amounts for the changing bag.

Janine: Maybe a smaller/travel size pot would be good, or maybe a tin which could be filled from the main tub so you can have one for the change table at home and then also some for the change bag as the glass if heavy and impractical to carry around. as a new mum Im conscious of the eco impact of the amount of new stuff i buy, and a refill option is something which would make me consider this more than competitors.

Danielle: I love the packaging but I would prefer a tube you can squeeze. The tub is handy as i found i wasn’t wasting as much but I find the lids harder to get on when I can potentially be rushing a nappy change. I’m not sure if it’s available in different forms but this wouldn’t put me off buying the product. I would just find a tube easier when I’m on the go. Other than this and a cheaper price mark, there’s nothing I would change! A great product.

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