Little Gubbins Reusable baby wipes review

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Little Gubbins Reusable baby wipes

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Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes are super soft, absorbent and can be used for much more than wiping your baby's face. Little Gubbins' multi-purpose wipes are of excellent value as they come in a pack of 20 and can even be used as a make-up wipe! Perfect for protecting your baby's sensitive skin and even better, you're helping the environment by using them over and over again.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: I really loved trying out this clever and inventive way of having a baby wipe. I have been using these Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes quite a bit with my little one. I tend to use them more at home after meal times and for using as a face cleaner in the mornings to help get my little one ready for nursery. Using the wipes has definitely helped with my little one's skins. Before having the wipes his skin was very red and rashy around the mouth. Since using the wipes his skin has really improved and I feel it’s down to the quality of the wipes.

Bryony: They are more effective than a disposable wet wipe and less wiping is needed as a result. Quicker for parents and children happier too. My children commented on how soft they are. Easy to wash with normal washing and quick drying. A box of 20 wipes was plenty for my 2 children as we do clothes washing every couple of days.

Holly: The Little Gubbins Microfibre Baby Wipes are great for cleaning up my little one, especially after a messy meal. Sometimes when using a flannel, my little one’s face would be red and sore where I would clean his face after mealtimes, but the Little Gubbins Microfibre Baby Wipes are gentle and my son will now attempt to clean himself after food using these wipes. The wipes retain water well so feel “wet” and are more effective and eco-friendly than using a few wet wipes. The size of the wipes means they’re not too bulky to take out and about, and can be placed in a wet bag or tub for east transportation.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: Yes, definitely! They are more pricey than the usual disposable wipes but they become cost-effective over time when you can wash and re-use rather than buying again. They are similar to washcloths in design but are smaller, which makes them easier to transport and wipe small hands and faces with. They are very soft and wash well so I don't mind using them over and over again, especially at meal times!

Samantha: I would most definitely recommend this product to any friends or mums because of the simplicity of it. The current push to reduce single-use plastic means people are looking for alternatives that work just as well and I believe these work better than disposable baby wipes. Not only do they support me in cleaning up after my baby they have also been super helpful around the house cleaning anything else I may walk past and notice! These are easy to carry when out and about so can be readily available just like disposable wipes and they clean beautifully even after they’ve cleaned up the worst messes I could imagine! There is a massive need to find alternatives to support the environment and this is one that is so simple and affordable to do!

Charlotte: I would recommend Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes because it is so easy to take out and about with you to save on using disposable baby wipes. And they wash really well so can use and reuse loads of times! They are so soft for sensitive little faces, my daughter suffers from eczema so I found these were better to use on her face than the conventional baby wipes.

Sarah: I personally would use these above the rest of the wipes, however I do still buy wet wipes at the same time. I have wet wipes for when I’m out and about. And the microfibre wipes are used around the house with my little one more often. It has helped to cut back on my spending of wet wipes which I see as positive. And I really like the environmentally friendly side of not going through hundreds of wipes every day. So, for this reason, it is a good product.

Victoria: I still use wet wipes at nappy changes for hygiene reasons so I wouldn't necessarily choose the reusables above those however I do like that they are environmentally friendly and I like using them on my son's face and hands over wet wipes because of his eczema. I would buy them again if I ran out because of the reduction of waste.

Bryony: Yes I would, I’ve tried other brands of cloth wipes and they were too small to get toddler properly clean whilst only using one cloth. I also tried using flannels which were too big for the job. These Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes are a perfect size. Big enough to do two good wipes across the face with one cloth and to do two small hands with one cloth. The edges are well sown and the wipes are good quality. No changes to the edge stitching after several washes and no colour fade either. We liked that they are coloured and come in a mix of colours in one box. Also more efficient than disposable wet wipes, less scrubbing of face required and softer too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Elizabeth: I cannot think of a single thing that could be improved. I am so lucky to have been sent this product to test as I will be recommending to all my mummy friends as the perfect wipe and the perfect addition for mealtimes. So far they have kept their colour very well, perhaps some in a darker shade would be good too for darker foods to prevent staining.

Samantha: The only thing I would change would be to make the Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes even more versatile! As they stand they are perfect hands and face wipes and what would make them even better would be if they could be used effectively on bottoms! That would mean an alteration to the makeup of these wipes but then they would be even more beneficial to the environment. However, as hand and face wipes they are absolutely perfect!

Rebecca: I think this product has some fab features and is a good all-round product. The cloth itself is a little on the small side which is good in some instances...and not in others. I think if the boxes could be sold in a range of sizes that would be really useful. The colours are also ones that some people may not like so if there was an option to pick just one colour or pick the range you would want to buy that might be more attractive.

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