Little Angels Detangle Spray

Little Angels Detangle Spray

by Emily Gilbert |
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As much as we love their gorgeous curls, it's easy for babies' hair to get knotty, which is why the ASDA Little Angels Detangle Spray is a must for parents. Paediatrician-approved and dermatologically tested, the no-tears formula is suitable from birth and gets to work instantly on wet or dry hair. It was also awarded Bronze for Best Baby Skincare Product in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards.

Little Angels Detangle Spray overview


• Very good price

• Easy to use

• Effective

• Large bottle


• Packaging quite cheap looking

• Pump can be a bit tricky at times

Testing Little Angels Detangle Spray

The Little Angels Detangle Spray came to the rescue for many of our testers. Mum Christine told us: "My daughter hates having her hair brushed, every day, twice a day, it's a battle. Luckily she's at an age where she can be reasoned with to a certain extent, so when I told her we had a magic spray that would get rid of her knots, she was excited. My daughter's hair is very long and fine, and prone to tangles, this spray did help with brushing, and minimised discomfort. Better still it made the hair easier to style."

Several of our mum testers commented on how easy the spray was to use - simply spray on the hair wet or dry and it helps to detangle and make it easier to brush hair. "It made a difficult job a lot easier," mum Sarah said, adding: "It's a large bottle for the price and I think it will last us a long time, so excellent value for money."

Mum Annie said she was "really impressed by how the spray has kept my daughter's hair under control throughout the day, even after running around, sleeping on it and generally being played with!"

Final thoughts

Tester Louise loved that "the product was really easy to use, smelt amazing and left my daughter and son's hair feeling soft and manageable." She found that the bottle is a good size and easy to use for both the parent and child, adding: "My daughter loved spraying it in her own hair and her brothers. It works beautifully for both children and adults and I would definitely use this on my own hair as well, as mine is extremely long and easily tangled."

While a couple of our mums didn't think much of the packaging, they reasoned that this didn't bother them too much because of how reasonable the price is and how effective the product itself is. They did suggest that it might be nice "to have a variety of 'flavours'/smells, perhaps with fun characters on the packaging as children of this age are interested in the packaging and colour and sometimes having them involved in picking a favourite smell gets them more excited about it."

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