Good Bubble Organic Coconut Oil review

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Good Bubble Organic Coconut Oil

by Maria Martin |
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Suitable for newborns and those with sensitive skin, this lovely tub of virgin, organic coconut oil is an ideal moisturiser for happy bottoms, helping to protect delicate skin. The multi-purpose wonder balm can be used on any areas of dry skin for both baby and mum. Also perfect for winding down after bath time with a gentle baby massage helping to encourage that special bond with your little one and aid a good night's sleep, naturally. Paediatrician approved and clinically proven as suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone little ones.

How did this product make your life easier?

Victoria: As a mum in the 21st century I suffer from an ever present sense of eco-anxiety and thus guilt. Using a product like "good bubbles" allows me to breathe a sigh of relief as am i using something that is both good for my child and not harmful for the environment. Until now I have been yet to discover a product in packaging which is fully recyclable, including the pump part but i am delighted that this IS the case with the good bubble baby hair and body wash. I have been doing my research and is is hard to find bathroom products that have an eco seal of approval, yet here we have it! My life is consequently made easier by using a product on my children that i ethically approve of.

Carol: I really love all of this range. The containers that they all come in excellent and suitable for whats inside. My favourite is the wash with the push down lid as the fragrance is lovely. Another favourite is the coconut oil moisturiser thats suitable for newborns. My little one has dry skin and this has been amazing. I like how the products are all natural based and there are no nasties inside.

Michelle: Nice bath products. Easy to use the pump one handed which is helpful when you are trying to bath two young children! Toddler has also enjoyed using the pump herself, Good that the product washes both hair and body so that only one bath product is needed. Can't think of any other way it makes things quicker!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Andreea-Maria: I would recommend it for the ingredients, naturals ones! For design, very nice and is to store it For its pump, very handy Ease of use Good for travel After use the skin looks and feel soft The one thing i woul like(my preference) a bit of a smell, something of natural smell, like peony, or rose, this it will be my one to mention if i recommend.

Fiona: I would recommend this product to other mums for a number of reasons; not only does it feel so lovely and gentle on my children’s skin but it is also eco friendly and really good value for money- it is much more reasonably priced than I would expect it to be. My daughter is able to pump out the soap herself and enjoyed doing that and helping to wash my ten month old!

Sophie: I would recommend these products to a friend as they are easy to use thanks to the pump action bottles. They also can be used on all three of my children aged from 6 months to 6 years which is very handy and saves purchasing multiple products for different age ranges. I would also recommend them thanks to the low carbon/sustainable packing.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sophie: I would definitely choose the pump action bottle products as I find them extremely easy to use which is always a bonus. I would also choose them as they are natural and have a low carbon footprint and I have one eye on the environment. The price is also reasonable which is important in such a crammed market.

Fiona: I will definitely purchase this product again for all of the reasons listed above as think that it is a brilliant product with the benefit of the eco friendly status too which deserves recognition. There is a really impressive range and I like all of the products that I have tested. Of the competitors that I have used previously I have not liked all of the products that I have used so as a range I think this deserves to win. As stand alone products there are still others that I would use; not necessarily in preference to those in this range but I would not buy this range to the exclusion of all others.

Michelle: I would choose it as I think it is good value for money and is a nice smelling but skin friendly product. My toddler liked using it and it was also suitable for my baby which is helpful when you have two children. The oil worked really well for my babies cradle cap so I would definitely recommend it for that.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rosalind: If I could change one thing about the bath wash it would be to make the scent a bit stronger, it is a very ‘mild’ scent and I think would be nicer if stronger, particularly maybe with a lavender aspect to use in a bath before bed. The creams, they seemed fine for general moisturise but I didn’t think they stood out and I have had better skin results with other moisturers.

Victoria: One thing I believe would help improve this product is to lower the RRP. For the size of product the price is relatively high and thus perhaps not affordable for some. Supermarket own brand hair and body wash retails and roughly four times less than the price of the good bubble option. The price, I assume, is due to the unique recyclable packaging, this should thus be heavily featured in the marketing.

Michelle: I wouldn't recommend the moisturiser to parents of children with sensitive skin. It seemed to flare up my sons mild eczema. So if the product could be made more sensitive that would be good. The oil was lovely and really helped his cradle cap and had an amazing smell at first, but somehow the smell wasn't very nice the next day!

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