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Childs Farm Toiletries Range

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Childs Farm is an award-winning British brand with bath, body and hair products formulated with natural and naturally derived, sustainably sourced and skin-soothing ingredients for happy skin. Designed for all skin types including dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin, the entire range has been paediatrician and dermatologist-approved as suitable for newborns and upwards, giving parents the confidence to choose Childs Farm for their little one. So much so that over 97 per cent of parents of children with medically diagnosed eczema would recommend the range to other parents. Registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International.

This Childs Farm Toiletries Range also won a silver award for Best Baby Skincare Range/ Product at the 2024 Mother&Baby Award.

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  • Suitable from newborn
  • Gentle and organic ingredients
  • Gorgeous scents
  • Wide range of products
  • Paediatrician and dermatologist-approved


  • None!

Testing the Childs Farm Toiletries Range

The Childs Farm Toiletries range was a huge hit with our parents, especially the variety of choice and the fun packaging.

"I have absolutely fallen in love with the Childs Farm products," one mum tester told us. "There is an amazing amount of products available including bubble baths, body and hair wash, shampoo and conditioner, detangle spray, sun cream, moisturiser and the list just keeps on going. They all come in a very colourful and fun bottle and in various different smells which are absolutely divine. My little one loved looking at the designs on the front as they were very colourful and eye-catching."

"The products are appealing to both children and parents with a range of vibrant colours and unique scent combinations," agreed mum Caitlin. "My son especially loved the fun images which were on the front of the bottles and the large amount of bubbles from the blueberry and mango bubble bath!"

The extra mile that the brand has gone to keep its products both cruelty-free and suitable for delicate skin didn't go unnoticed either.

"I love that they are vegan and cruelty-free. They are paediatrician and dermatologist tested which means I can feel confident that no nasty chemicals or additives are being absorbed into my baby’s skin. The brand has great ethical values and their bottles are made from prevented ocean plastics."

All of our testers commented on how wonderful the fragrances were across the range and struggled to pick a favourite product. "The body and hair wash lathers up brilliantly meaning I can clean my son's hair and body with very small amounts making the bottles last for a long time," said mum Andrea. "The sun cream is also a big winner for me as I absolutely hate greasy sun cream but the Childs Farm one was lovely to apply and did a fantastic job at keeping my little boy safe in the warmer weather." Another mum felt the OatDerma range was perfect for dealing with peeling newborn skin.

Final thoughts

A few of our parents said they would prefer the Childs Farm products to be cheaper while others felt it was acceptable given how high-quality the products are.

One mum would love more of the range to have pumps while another wanted another spray moisturiser option in the range as they loved the coconut oil spray brilliant to use and it would make the after bath moisturising battle so much easier.

"I have enjoyed all the products I have used so far and look forward to continuing using them," said mum Nicole. "The products are well priced and a little goes a long way so they last quite a while."

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