Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion Fragrance Free review

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Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion Fragrance Free

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Childs Farm's award-winning fragrance free 50+ SPF roll-on sun lotion protects baby's with young and sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays, whilst keeping skin moisturised and hydrated. Formulated with natural and naturally derived, ethically sourced ingredients, this water-resistant sun protection for babies and toddlers is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

This roll on SPF makes application so easy, empowering little ones to apply it themselves! There are absolutely no parabens, SLSs, colourants or petrochemicals, so you have confidence that it's suitable for young and sensitive skin. Dermatologist and paediatrician approved. Registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion Fragrance Free
Price: $6.75


  • Easy to apply
  • Absorbs quickly
  • High sun protection factor


  • Sticky formula
  • Unscented
  • 70ml
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Re-apply every 1-2 hours
  • Suitable for babies 6 months and upwards

Awards for Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion

Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion won Gold in the 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Sun Protection Cream category and it also won Gold again in the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards for the same category.

Testing the Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion

There's no more trying to make wriggling toddlers sit still while you try and apply sun cream. With the roll-on stick from Child's Farm it's never been easier to apply sun cream. This easy application also makes it brilliant for school, as it's easy for older children to apply themselves on hot days.

One mum tester said: "We got on really well with this suncream. The rollerball worked smoothly and was very easy to apply with less mess than usual sprays or lotions."

Another commented, "If I’m honest I would have never have opted for a roll on suncream but can honestly say it’s changed my life. I cannot fault the suncream at all it’s brilliant and would recommended to anyone with small children and babies. So much easier with it being a roll on and much less mess when applying when out and about.

While it may feel sticky at first, this cream absorbs quickly and isn't too greasy in texture. "We find that sprays get all over the house and bottles just aren’t as practical as the roll on is. The formula is great! It is not sticky at all and settles really well on the skin. You can apply and let the little one be free without the worry of them getting everything stuck to them."

Some mums however thought that the formula was a little too runny. One tester said, "The product worked well as sun protection and was very easy to apply as a roll on more convenient with a small child but unfortunately the product came out very runny and on application was very runny and hard to rub into baby skin especially on a fast crawler, it was very much liquid like rather than cream."

Childs Farm 50+SPF Roll-On Sun Lotion Fragrance Free

In terms of downsides, it's quite an expensive sun lotion. One mum commented, "The only thing really that I would choose to change about this product is the price. The roll on bottles are not particularly big and I suspect with the price they cost would work out more expensive than a comparable product in an alternative form. However there is likely less wastage so there is more useable product."

Some mums also found it stained their baby's clothes. "The only downside I would say about this product is that the product stains clothes. My sons had unsightly yellow stains on them if they accidentally rolled the cream onto the clothes which I was not impressed with. I would like to see this improved somehow to make the item even better to me."

It does its job when it comes to protecting their delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

"Our two year old has not been burnt once when using this sun screen and even at two he is able to roll on sun screen to his arms and legs himself."

Final thoughts

This sun lotion is easy to use, high in protection factor and reliable. It's also much easier to apply on a moving baby or toddler – much easier than a spray or lotion.

Some testers did find some downsides to keep in mind, that the lotion can sometimes stain clothes and that it's quite expensive compared to other lotions on the market. And although many parents found the roller function made application easy, it was tricky to apply to the face using a roller.

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