Bambino Mio Reusable baby wipes

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Bambino Mio Reusable baby wipes

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Bambino Mio reusable baby wipes at a glance:

Bambino Mio's reusable baby wipes are a natural, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposable wipes. Made from super soft cotton fibres, the wipes are gentle on delicate skin and remain soft wash after wash. The wipes are ideal for baby's cleaning routine and are available in a range of colours to colour code cleaning baby's hands, bum and face. 100% gentle, the reusable wipes are free from alcohol, chlorine and parabens making them the safest and most natural choice for your baby, just use with water for 100% chemical free cleaning.

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: I have found the reusable baby wipes extremely versatile. I have used them as a flannel when my son has a bath, to wipe his face after he has had his dinner. And of course as a wipe when changing him. There is also a lot in the pack, so feel I have plenty to use, then I can wash most of them together, so do not feel as if I’m constantly washing them.

Louise: These wipes are thick, work fab when damp on dirty nappies, and wet nappies. Great multipurpose use as used in the bath and as wipes for face and hands. I have used them both on a 4 month baby and a 3 year old toddler that loves mud. One of these to a couple of normal wipes which is a bonus and they are great whilst home.

Elena: These Re-useable wipes have definitely improved some areas of my life as a mum. Cleaning messy faces and hands after dinner is much quicker, easier, and there is a lot less shouting and complaining! My daughter loves the different colours and requests the one she would like me to use to wipe her- a definite change from fighting the flannel! They hold the moisture well without being too wet so cleaning is very easy.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: I would recommend. This product as a use at home product rather than out and about. They are great for spills, nappy changes, baths, and cleaning messy toddlers. They go in the washing machine and wash easily, I have put them in with other baby clothes. I would not recommend as a product to use out and about as transport tin damp, wet, dirty wipes is not easy.

Kayleigh: I would recommend the product as it saves buying packs and packs of wipes and can be used easily to clean up your babies messy face and stored in different areas of the house. Also the colours are nice and bright so my baby likes them. They are also very handy to use on the go and if I am just popping out and dont want to take a full change bag I can pop one of the wipes in my handbag for clearing up and spit up or dribble.

Chetna: I would recommend this product to other mums as they are eco-friendly, reusable and very durable. The fabric is really soft for the baby's skin and it can be used all over, I use the wipes as a flannel in the bath too on the babies face and body. The colors of the wipes are vibrant and very eye catching and take up minimal space in a drawer.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Faye: Yes, I absolutely love these! The price is amazing and the amount of that you get is great. Especially since they are washable and reusable. It makes my babies bath time really easy, it's easy for me to be able to wipe her face and make sure that it doesn't get irritated. It's also easy to differentiate between difference colours to use of different areas of the body.

Sophie: I am not aware of any other similar products but I would recommend and choose this one. I think the variety of colours is helpful. The product itself is soft, absorbent and has weathered well with many uses and washes. I would buy these again and would recommend the brand to others. The fact you get a lot of them in a packet is very useful.

Lauren: There are possibly other products on the market that I would choose over this product as there are a few changes I would make to the product. I would however happily use these again and would recommend them to other parents to use. I would prefer if they came in some sort of tub so they could be stored damp on a day out as I was having to wet them everytime I wanted to use them.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kayleigh: I would make the wipes a bit bigger so they could clear up a bit more. I think they seem slightly smaller than a normal wipe. I would also make the wipes a bit softer as I didn't like having to wipe much off my babies face with them as they seemed like they could be slightly rough. I do like the colours but think they are slightly more geared towards boys.

Louise: One thing I would change is having a box/bag for dirty wipes when transporting and using them out and about. It would make life much easier as I would be keen to use these instead of disposable wipes as you don't need as many and the are better for the environment. We have had some stains so darker colours may be better so that they do not show up as easily.

Faye: I would say that one side of the wipes is fairly gritty compared to the soft side. I think it is important that both sides are soft for babies skins. Regardless of whether it is used for cleaning dirty nappies, or for washing skin, I think thay having two soft sides would be more sufficient. Apart from that, they are very good.

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