Baby Kingdom Luxury Baby Collection review

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Baby Kingdom Luxury Baby Collection

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Natural product brand Baby Kingdom's The Luxury Baby Kingdom collection includes their luxury baby shampoo, hair and body wash, nappy cream, body cream, and baby powder. This set is the perfect addition to your baby bathtime.

How did this product make your life easier?

Eleanor: The Baby Kingdom Luxury Baby Collection is great as the body wash also doubles as a baby shampoo meaning you need less products in the bathroom and also less to sort whilst baby is in the bath. The ‘pump’ design is also great as it dispenses just enough to wash a small person and also stops my older children dumping a load in the bath and wasting it!

Kirsten: From the descriptions on the packaging I felt confident that the ingredients in the products were safe for my baby's skin. They have become used in our bedtime routine and have not resulted in any skin problems (we have a family history of eczema). The pump bottles are mess-free and I particularly like the pump talc as this can often become messy with standard talc bottles.

Rebecca: They are easy to use, the packaging is such that the product is easy to dispense when needed and all of the toiletries smell lovely and the smell really lasts on my baby. The nappy cream and body cream, in particular, both go a very long way and you need only a tiny amount of them and they work wonderfully, really nourishing my baby's skin.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sharon: I would recommend these products to other mums for the following reasons. They were very easy to use, their pump-action allowed just the right amount of product to come out. They also allowed me to use them with just one hand, essential when bathing a baby! The body lotion soothed and reduced my baby's patches of eczema in just a few uses. Their fragrance is subtle yet clean and baby-like.

Emily: I love the quality of the products and the size of the bottles. The body wash is just so luxurious feeling and makes my baby’s skin so silky smooth. The smell is so nice in particular I love the smell of the baby powder. The bottles are big like mentioned, so I have plenty and it will last a long time, hence my score for value for money!

Shuang: The collection comes with all you need for baby skincare, including shampoo, body wash, body cream, nappy cream, and baby powder. It is quite handy to have a kit and you are all sorted. The pressure pump makes it very easy to get the products out – you only need one hand! This can be very convenient when you have to take care of your baby in the bath or on the changing table. The price is reasonable for what you get.

Would you choose this product to win?

Becky: It is a lovely natural product, it smells beautiful and leaves the baby's skin, and my own feeling silky smooth. The pump design is a big help as a first-time mum, with a wriggly baby, you only need one hand free to use it. The smell alone should let this product win, the silky smooth feel left on the skin from the natural oils is lush.

Kirsten: As much as I really like Baby Kingdom Luxury Baby Collection, I would not choose the products above all others mainly due to the price. I see them more of a high-end product or something that you would give as a gift. There are so many similar items on the market to compare to i.e. child's farm, who have similar organic, eco credentials but have a more competitive price.

Rebecca: I absolutely would want this product to win. Firstly the products themselves are brilliant, they smell divine and create a great lather using the minimal product. The packaging is also amazing. The design is very attractive and the tubes are very good quality. These would really stand out on a supermarket shelf! I also the price is extremely reasonable for what you get and for the quality of the products.

What changes would you make to this product?

Eleanor: I really enjoyed using Baby Kingdom Luxury Baby Collection, it’s easy to use and smells great. The only one thing that I didn’t like was the branding, I found the picture of the baby on the front and the Union Jack quite garnish and I’ve actually turned them around in my bathroom so that they can’t be seen. The outer cardboard tubing, however, was lovely and makes it feel a bit special if you were to give it as a gift.

Leanne: Even though it smelt amazing, my first thought was that the product must contain chemicals that may irritate my baby's skin. However, this was not the case. The packaging is beautiful but not environmentally friendly so maybe there is a way of reducing so much cardboard packaging on the products. It is a lovely skincare range though.

Shuang: The smell. I would prefer the smell to be milder as a baby skin product. Although the ingredients are all-natural, I still find the smell is a bit strong for babies. I would prefer a very mild smell or nearly no smell products to use for baby. Otherwise, after a bath, your baby is covered with that smell for days and you don't even know if they like it as they can't speak!

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