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The Dandelion Dream Luxury Set at a glance:

Baby Bare Bubbles is a skincare brand formulated especially for babies and toddlers that also proves irresistible to the whole family. The Dandelion Dream range is paediatrician approved, dermatologically tested and clinically proven with only the highest quality of ingredients used. The signature organic blend of Dandelion, to concentrate on skin irritation and hydration, together with Oats, Hops, and Purple Cone Flower to help protect, moisturise, and ease redness and sensitivity, is a unique combination designed to calm and care for the most delicate skin. Natural and effective extra-special bath time care.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Carlene: These products make my life easier as the 3 in 1 bottle is hair, body and bubble bath all in one which I totally love. Bath time is so much easier now. I love the three bottles I got to test out and the smell is lovely and not overpowering too. The bottles are big and you get a flannel which is lovely and soft too.

Millie: I really love the 3 in 1 bubble bath, body and hair wash. It makes life easier just having one product for everything and therefore I don’t have to mix different products with different fragrances in. My baby and child both have sensitive skin and these products are absolutely beautiful. They smell natural, feel natural and leave skin as smooth as a newborn! The baby oil feels light and not too oily or full of chemicals. It’s absolutely wonderful. I adore the bamboo cloth, it’s so soft on the skin.

Ellie: This is a lovely bath set that has been a pleasure to use on my child. It has a delicate but pleasant scent and seems light and gentle on the skin. I would happily purchase this set in the future.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Rachel: I would 100% recommend baby bare bubbles to everyone. The bottles are beautiful and have a really boutique feel to them, so make lovely gifts. The products also tick the boxes of natural ingredients and being really kind to skin. The products are definitely luxurious, they won’t be affordable to everyone as an everyday product but I think that makes them special.

Gemma: The Baby Bare Bubbles Dandelion Dream Luxury Set has a lovely subtle fragrance which really does complement my little one: it's not overpowering but gives a gentle scent. All of the products were very gentle on my baby's skin and didn't cause any irritation. The bubble bath 'bubbled-up' really nicely compared to a lot of other products designed for babies and so my bigger kids loved it too!

Chelsea: The products look and feel amazing, the quality really does shine through the packaging. I love that they have subtle smells and aren’t overpowering, I’ve even used the moisturiser on myself and it’s so lovely and luxurious. The bubble bath is great and foams up really well in the bath and doubles up as body wash which makes life easier. I would definitely recommend this brand to fellow mums.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy: I think this is a lovely product because some products can leave my baby’s skin in a rash as she has very delicate skin. This was perfect for her because it left her skin soft without any red patches even after using it a few times a week. She smells so amazing when I get her out the bath and the lotion just adds to the wonderful smell and leaves her all soft and smooth. The gift box is a lovely idea and makes a perfect gift for a new mum. I love that it comes with a flannel and being bamboo it dries super quickly and is a nice decent size. I love the presentation and think the boxes and illustrations make it even better.

Sarah: I would choose it as it's so friendly to the baby's skin and it smells really lovely. My little girl never has an issue with it on her skin or in her eyes in the bath. In fact, I think it has helped to clear up a bit of her cradle cap on her head as it was well moisturised and easily brushed out over the course of a couple of weeks.

Carlene: I love everything about these products - the size of bottles is fab and smell amazing and not overpowering too. They're a lovely natural colour too. The flannel is lovely and soft and it all came in a gorgeous gift box too. Just taking one bottle that does everything for baby is a win for me too. I think this product should win.

What changes would you make to this product?

Millie: I would get rid of the cardboard boxes - as beautiful as they are I don’t want to recycle them but also don’t want to keep them just lying around. I would keep the pictures printed on the label and add some pictures on the gift box perhaps. However I do understand that the boxes give it an even more special feel and they are lovely.

Ellie: I can't really identify anything to change about this product. The packaging and the bath products are well designed, the products work as intended and are pleasant to use, and I would happily use them again. My son has sensitive skin that often reacts to bath products and these did not cause any reaction.

Rachel: I really can’t think of anything I would change. If the bottles aren’t made with 100% recycled materials I would make that the next step. I am very aware of buying plastic especially on quite small throwaway packaging.

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