ASDA Protect Baby Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50+ Very High review

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ASDA Protect Baby Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50+

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ASDA Protect Baby Sensitive Sun Lotion at a glance:

ASDA Protect Baby Sensitive Sun Lotion is specially developed for babies' delicate and sensitive skin. It contains vitamin E to help protect against skin cell damage and is unscented and water resistant!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

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How did this product make your life easier?

Alex: Having the suncream in a bottle with the spray gun head was really helpful with getting suncream on my daughter. The spray wasn't too wide so you could spray it precisely where you wanted it to go and it wouldn't cover her. The suncream was quite thick so that you could tell when it was rubbed in and she definitely had enough protection.

Tiffany: This product is very easy to use. Comes in a small size handy bottle that can be packed easily into any travel bag. The bottle is nice and bright so it’s easy to find in a packed changing bag that has so many other things in it. The bottle is nice and easy to hold and practical when you are trying to get the cream on quickly. It has a 5 star UVA rating so a very easy choice for me.

Lauren: The product is fine. It's a reasonable price and easy to use, the smell is fine but it is quite a sticky consistency. However, I dont like that you have to apply the product, wait for a specified amount of time, then reapply the suncream once more. As a mum, this doesn't make my life easier at all. It would be much easier to apply once.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Grace: I can’t say it is any better or worse than other suncream I have used. It doesn’t smell as nice as some of the others but the 5 star UVA is a great feature. I think the price is very good though. Nice slim line bottle. My baby enjoys playing with the bottle too! On the whole I would say it’s a good sun cream but it doesn’t necessarily stand out for me.

Francesca: I would recommend “ASDA Protect Baby Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF50+ Very High” as I feel confident that my baby is protected from the sun’s harmful rays when she has this sun lotion on. The SPF is 50+ which is necessary for baby’s delicate skin, offers the highest UVA 5 protection and is UVB tested. I have also found that it is easy to apply to the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue afterwards, like others have done in the past.

Laura B: I would recommend this to a friend because the lotion does rub in more easily than other sun lotions I have tried. As with any high SPF lotion, it does leave my daughters skin (and my hands) feeling a little squeaky, but compared to other lotions I have tried this one seems to be absorbed more easily. The bottle travels well and doesn’t get too sticky after being handled. The instructions on the packaging are clear, both in terms of usage and more general advice about sun protection. The product information makes me feel reassured as a mum.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Georgia: Although I did love this product, it did have several drawbacks. Although the consistency was really easy to rub in, due to the shape and design of the bottle quite a lot would pour out when tipped upside down. There was no real need to squeeze the bottle as it was quite runny. The price point is a huge plus, but I feel like you could easily waste quite a lot due to to escape from the lid. Some crust also formed around the opening.

Helen: I would choose this product as the bottle of sunscreen I keep in my bag or by the back door for applying. I do also have spray top options and roll ons for use when the children are sandy or just needing a top up and would continue to have those. What really stands out is the rapidity with which it sinks in and absorbs and the lack of unpleasant scent.

Zena: A little goes a long way with this cream . The colour was nice and no fragrance which suited all my children’s skin types . No reaction to my sons sensitive skin at all . The writing on the back was quite small but instructions to use it were clear to understand . There are better products on the market regarding sun protection however this cream was pleasant to use.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura W: I would add more of a variety of sizes for this product to allow parents to choose the amount they would like. There are currently two sizes, a full-size of 200ml and travel size of 50ml. Some parents only have one child and use little, and some parents habe multiple children and could go through a lot. Most suncreams expire before they are used up; I think adding one or two more size, perhaps 80ml and 120ml, would allow parents to select the amount they are more likely to need, thus reducing waste.

Alex: The one thing I would change about the product is that quite a few times the spray gun lid cam apart and I had to rebuild it to make it useable again. It was really easy to put back together but I think that is the only thing that lets this product down. I might have had a faulty product as everything else was perfect.

Tiffany: If I could change one thing about this product it would probably be the cap. After using other brands, I find the spray bottles are quicker and easier to use for me. You can just spray their whole body With the exact amount that’s needed and then just rub it in all over afterwards. I find this quicker than to keep going back to the bottle to squirt more in my hand.

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