Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc review

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Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc

by Emily Gilbert |
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Helps absorb moisture to keep skin comfortable & dry. Paediatrician approved. Helps prevent chafing. Skin health alliance. Dermatologically accredited and tested. This product has not been tested on animals. Suitable for vegetarians. Suitable for vegans.

How did this product make your life easier?

Gabriella: I have given this product 10's for everything other than quality but that is only because it made my son's skin react to it. You got a lot of the product in the tube so it is great value for money and it looks lovely too. It does also smell divine but unfortunately this was just not a product for us and we very quickly reverted back to his normal skin care regime.

Rachel: The bottle of cream is a good size. Small enough to carry in a backpack but also large enough that you don’t have to keep replacing the bottle. The cream had a good expiry date meaning you can bulk buy in advance if required The cream is very good quality and has a lovely smell. It kept my son well moisturised and leaves skin super soft and dry. I also like the fact that it is suitable from birth, and gives you the talc-like feel without the dangers of actual talc.

Samantha: This Liquid talc is amazing! so much easier to use than conventional talc and so easy to use it smells lovely and feels light on the skin. The liquid talc works so well to stop irritation and help prevent nappy rash In babies nappy and also and even great for adults too to prevent chaffing in the summer.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sahiba: A good feature of this Liquid Talc is that it goes on quite smoothly, however it is very runny compared to other creams which means you have to apply it very quickly – not so easy with a wriggly baby. As mentioned before, it does have a classic baby powder smell, but it does feel like a fairly artificial scent. I would probably reach for other creams for this reason.

Janine: I didn’t really get on with this cream, I felt like I had to wait for it to dry before I put her nappy back on, otherwise it made her skin feel slimy and the inside of the nappy feel strange. But then waiting for the cream to dry is inconvenient for my child who is wriggling and crawling away, it was just messy! I don’t think this did make my life easier.

Donna: I would totally recommend this to others, knowing that it helps heal as well as prevent sore areas/chafing when baby is moving. Plus being so easy to purchase from Asda when doing your shopping and them having such a great baby range. Great price, and will last for ages! When using it's such a light cream and doesn't leave much or any residue like a lot of nappy creams can.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Ely: I would choose this liquid talc product above all others on the market as, after trying it I have absolutely loved it and cannot fault it at all in any way. There are no negative points to this product at all. This product is amazing value for money, does exactly what it should and more, has never caused any sort of irritation to my baby’s skin (it was actually done the opposite and cured irritation!), a little bit goes a long way, smells lovely but not at all overpowering. After using this product I have repurchased 2 more bottles and wouldn’t ever go back to powdered talc again!

Laura: I would not choose this product above any others on the market. There are others very easily available that are an amazing barrier cream. I have never really used talc before and do not think I will continue to do so. This is probably a really good product for people who have a genuine need for it but it does have a nice clean fragrance.

Rimma: I would not choose this product above all. I would generally not be in the market for a similar product because first of all I don’t think baby’s skin benefits from these unnecessary products. Secondly my son's skin is fine without this product or any other product designed for similar uses. I think if I was looking for a quick drying product I would opt for something more natural too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rachel: Maybe if you could get it in different sized bottles. Although the size isn’t too big or too small, nappy bags can be really full so a smaller size may be more appealing to other mums and a larger size for at home. You could go for brighter packaging which may be more eye-catching for those who don’t really know about liquid talc, at the minute it blends in with all the other baby products.

Samantha: The only suggestion I would make for any changes to this liquid talc would be the option for a travel sized version so it could be easily transported when out and about, but that being said the bottle itself isn't massive and would fit in a standard sized changing bag. Everything else about it is perfect and I would definitely use it again.

Sahiba: As mentioned I would improve this product by having more natural ingredients in it, if that were possible with the chemistry of it. Also the design of the packaging is not super eye-catching, which I assume is because it needs to fit in with the Little Ones brand, however other products have nicer packaging which can be a plus.

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