The best water play tables for children

water play tables for children

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There seems to be endless choices of the best outdoor toys for little ones, but if there is one thing you need it's the best water play tables for children. The play opportunities feel endless with the right water play table!

Water play tables come in an array of different styles and theme. Not only are they extremely fun for little ones to play with, they also help to develop some key skills. They can help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they are encouraged to scoop, spin, funnel and pour.

Our favourite water play tables for children shortlist 2023:

Our favourite overall water play tables for children: Little Tikes Splash Beach Water Table
Our favourite fountain water play tables for children: Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table
Our favourite multi-use water play tables for children: Dolu Kids 3-in-1 Activity Sand and Water Table
Our favourite adjustable water play tables for children: Sand and Water Table

With so many different ways to play with them, it allows your child to use their creativity and they also provide a fun sensory experience. You can even include different accessories when you get out the water play table.

Water play tables are usually big enough for more than one person to use. This makes it perfect if you have more than one child or are planning a playdate with a friend!

Best overall water play tables for children

Price: $120.73
Alternative retailers
Walmart$74.99View offer

This Little Tikes Splash Beach Water Table lays flat on the ground and is even big enough for a child to sit in, so you don't need to worry about a paddling pool! It has lots of features that can be moved, and has a hose attachment so that you can make a water fountain.

Our writer said: "My kids love anything to do with water. This water play table is absolutely brilliant because it lays completely flat on the floor, meaning they can sit or stand on the tray as well as play next to it! My daughter absolutely loved standing and splashing in the tray, and my son loved using all the accessories, and rolling the boat down the slide."


  • Sits on the floor and big enough to sit in too
  • Easy to fold up and store


  • Some features won't work without a hose pipe
Dimensions:73.66 x 58.42 x 22.86cm
Suitable for ages:2+ years
  • Waterfall lighthouse
  • 6 x accessories
  • 1 x slide
  • Lays flat
  • Hose attachment

Best multi-use water play tables for children

Price: £39.99

With two sections for sand and water, this Dolu Kids 3-in-1 Activity Sand and Water Table also has a lid, so it can be used as a desk. It comes with three cups that attach to the sides and a central attachment that your child can pour water on.

One review said: "We got this for my granddaughter’s birthday and a number of children liked playing with it at her party. We think both our grandchildren will enjoy it in all this nice weather we’re having."

Another review said: "Bought this for my 2 year old grandson. He loves it. Easy to put together and sturdy. Great for inside and outside play. Really pleased with the product."


  • 3-in-1 design
  • Long lasting


  • Some mentioned it's an awkward shape so bulky to move around
Dimensions:67 x 47 x 73cm
Suitable for ages:2 - 5 years
  • Two sections
  • 1 x lid
  • 1 x accessory
  • 3 x cups

Best water way water play table

Price: $67.95
Alternative retailers
Walmart$114.99View offer
Lowe's$129.00View offer
Tractor Supply$129.99View offer

Creating hours of fun, the Aquaplay Mountain Lake is waterpark inspired, meaning the play opportunities are endless. There's plenty for little ones to do, include letting the boats float down the drops, bridges and water blockers to let the water build up!

One review said: "We loved that it was easy to put together and stayed water tight. Although the rain helped keep the level up! It was good to see four children playing all at the same time and there was plenty of things to do so no fights about who could do what!"


  • Connects with other Aquaplay sets
  • Doesn't leak water


  • Has to be taken apart to store away
Dimensions:52.07 x 27.94 x 52.07cm
Suitable for ages:3 - 7 years
  • 70 piece
  • 1 x container boat
  • 1 x speedboat
  • 3 x animal figures

Best 4-in-1 water play tables for children

Price: $55.99

With an array of different accessories for little ones to play with, the 4 in 1 Kids Sand and Water Table can be used with water, sand, mud and even snow! It even comes with a handy little stool so they can sit and play at the table.

One review said: "The and water table was easy to build and looked great when put together. The grandchildren couldn't wait to get their hands in the water even though it was cold outside. The table has loads of items The children can use with the sand and water"


  • Anti-leak design
  • Lots of fun accessories


  • Some mentioned it was tricky to put together
Dimensions:44.45 x 34.54 x 21.59cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • 15 x accessories
  • 1 x stool
  • 4 x play sections

Best pink water play tables for children

Whether your little one fancies using it for wet or dry play, they can make amazing sand shapes or splash in the water with this colourful table. The Chad Valley Sand and Water Table also comes w a lid so you can store everything away at the end of the day.

One review said: "I have recently bought this for my 2 1/2 year old and her 8 month old sister to use as she grows. So far both are absolutely loving it! We use both sides with water as I wasn’t keen on the idea of sand without a firmly fixed lid"


  • Helps with hand eye coordination, motor skills and imagination
  • Perfect for play with water or sand


  • Some mentioned the lid is a bit flimsy
Dimensions:54 x 54 x 17.5cm
Suitable for ages:18+ months
  • 2 x boats
  • 2 x shapers
  • 3 x tools

Best fountain water play tables for children

Price: £49.99 (was £69.99)

The Little Tikes Fountain Factory Water Table provides hours of fun. It's easy to assemble, and even has a convenient plug that helps to empty the water after use. It has loads of features that little ones can keep discovering, including adjustable plumbing pipes, different water filter spray settings and even a pump water fountain that splashes!

Our Product & Lifestyle writer and mum of two, Samantha said: "This water table was really easy to build, my six year old pretty much took over the whole assembly of it! The only tricky part was adding in the plug, but using plyers (as mentioned in the instructions) made it easier. I thought this was a great feature too, as I didn't have to tip the table over to empty the water! It literally provided hours of fun and kept discovering new features, such as the tap filter positions."


  • Provides hours of fun
  • Easy to assemble
  • Helps teach cause and effect


  • The fountain can empty pretty quick if you don't remember to close the taps
Suitable for:3+ years
Dimensions:74.93 x 95.25 x 74.93
  • 3 x accessories including boat, and two cups
  • Water plumbing pipes
  • Peek-a-boo character
  • Water fountain tower

Best fun wheels water play tables for children

Create swirling whirlpools and pour water and watch it fall! The Playgo Fun Wheels Water Activity Toy encourages interactive play and is even low enough down so that your toddler can sit on the floor and play with it. They'll love watching the boats spin around in the whirlpool.

One review said: "So much fun to be had with this, the water play is fantastic. Looking forward to using it outside in the summer. The bright colours give it instant appeal and the movement of wheels etc all make for a very happy playtime. My grandkids absolutely loved it."


  • Spinning levers to swirl the water
  • Low down enough to sit and play


  • Not much water space compared to others
Dimensions:65 x 55.12 x 67.56cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Spinning levers
  • Scoop to pour

Best fishing water play tables for children

Price: £17.99

This play table is a lovely way to develop your child's early skills with fishing and counting games. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the JoyKip Fishing Sand and Water Play Table comes with 23 pieces which includes fishing rods, floating creatures, drinking glasses and a fishing net.

One review said: "Brought this for our 3 year old while in lockdown for some indoor play. Will add some little additional bits to fish out, just something different to break the day up and its easy to put away. Good to pop dolls in too, small but its perfect for indoors."


  • Light and sound effects
  • Lots of accessories


  • A little smaller than other water play tables
Dimensions:32 x 9.5 x 31cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • 6 x floating creatures
  • 1 x fishing net
  • 2 x fishing rods

Best wavemaker water play tables for children

Price: £69 (was £71.99)

Put your youngster in control of their very own island with the Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table. By turning a wheel, they can create their very own wave pool, plus there’s hidden treasure to find and themed characters to play with.

One review said: "My granddaughter loves it with or without water, height wise there's room to grow, lovely features.. She loves the hidden treasure boxes"

Another review said: "My two year old son loves this, he plays with it inside when its raining without any water, and outside when its warm. My nieces and nephews also really like it, it's a hit for all ages."


  • Different discovery elements
  • Hours of fun


  • Some mentioned it was hard to clean
Dimensions:55.88 x 93.98 x 20.32cm
Suitable for ages:2 - 6 years
  • Wheel makes waves when turned
  • Island turns into waterfall
  • 5 x accessories
  • 1 x bucket

Best adjustable water play tables for children

Price: £239.99 (was £287.99)

Not only does this tinted clear Weplay Sand and Water Table look good, but it's an innovative multi layered design and screw-on water valve. All legs are height adjustable making it suitable as your child grows. There are also locking castors and wheels on two of the legs for easy transport and the lid can be attached to the underneath of the tray to make a handy lipped tray for extending play opportunities or even storing water toys.

One review said: "Sturdy and solid and can be set at different heights"


  • Adjustable height
  • Multi-use lid


  • Accessories not included
Dimensions:58 x 89 x 63cm
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Adjustable height on legs
  • Wheels and lock
  • Lid

Best bubble water play tables for children

Price: $65.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$43.63View offer
Wayfair$55.79View offer

Bubbles, foam and water? This Little Tikes FOAMO 3-in-1 Water Table literally has everything that little ones love, for hours of fun. Using any soap, the machine creates foam and can even blow bubbles! It also has lots of water play accessories, including a Ferris wheel and scoopers.


  • Makes bubbles and foam
  • Fun water play accessories


  • Bubble mix not included
Dimensions:73.66 x 65.02 x 65.02cm
Suitable for ages2 - 6 years
  • Hand pump
  • Foam machine
  • Bubble machine
  • Water tray

All you need to know about water play tables:

What age is suitable for a water play table?

When buying a water table it's important to consider a few different things, including age suitability, as some water play tables will be more suited to certain ages. It's worth taking notice of the recommended age before buying. However, most water play tables will be suited towards baby and toddlers.

Another thing to consider is how long it will last and if the height of the water play table can be adjusted. This way it can grow with your child.

Are water play tables safe for toddlers?

Water play tables are safe for toddlers to use, however it is important to make sure that your child is supervised at all times when they play with one.

No child should be left unattended around water.

How do I keep my child's water play table clean?

First, you should consider a water play table that has a good drainage system such as a plug, so that you can empty it efficiently.

It's good to get into the habit of cleaning it every few weeks and making sure you rinse it out and dry it after use. You can pop some sterilising tablets into the trays with water and let it sit for a few minutes, before thoroughly rinsing.

You can then let it air dry or wipe it with a dry cloth. Make sure that it's completely dry before covering.

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