The best presents for two-year-olds

The best presents for two-year-olds

by Samantha Ball |
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What can you buy for a two-year-old who has pretty much everything?

Your house is probably still drowning in toys with presents from your little one's first birthday, so thinking about what to buy this year can be a little tricky. At this age your toddler is probably running around the house and trying to learn about the world, such as colours and objects, and learning where boundaries - that's definitely a patience tester. Finding toys that will help stimulate and entertain them is really important.

Not all toys have to be educational; toddlers learn so much from creative play with toys such as kitchens, shops and ice cream playsets, as well as cars and dolls. They encourage imaginative play, which is great for creativity and learning social skills.

From mini kitchen sets to fun stories for bedtime, why not take a look at our pick of presents to buy for a two-year-old?

While your little one's birthday is just one day, this T-shirt is stylish and sweet enough to be worn all year round. You can have the age of your child printed on the top, which features little bears. It's too sweet not to buy for the birthday tot.

Farmyard Friends Jigsaw

Made from strong cardboard with linen finish, your two-year-old will enjoy these two-piece puzzles featuring their favourite farm animals. They encourage motor and puzzle skills, as well as teaching them about the different farmyard animals.

This adorable wooden cart comes with eight different lollies and ice creams that are made from stackable pieces to mix and match. It's the perfect gift to help encourage imaginative play, and it will help develop social interaction skills.

Get your toddler excited about packing their own bag for days out or sleepovers at nanny's with this personalised backpack. They'll love seeing their name on it and packing it with all the things they love.

You might start to notice your toddler wanting to help out with chores a lot more (if only they felt that way as a teenager too), so this gardening set is a great gift. They'll love helping you out in the garden.

My First Scooter

Now this is the coolest scooter ever, with LED wheels. It's a 5-in-1 scooter that your tot can be pushed along on, sit on, and even stand up to slide on. The seat is also adjustable to suite your child's height.

Toddlers love Peppa Pig, so what better way to make them feel special by having them turned into a character in a Peppa Pig book? Your tot will love following George and Peppa on an adventure to find their new friend. Story time will become a lot more exciting.

This book set is an amazing bargain. At only £10, you get 10 picture books that toddlers will love. From the Three Little Pigs to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, each book is a classic story that will make story time a lot more magical.

Play-Doh Stamp and Top Pizza Oven

Rrp: $34.40

Price: $29.00

Play-Doh is not only the perfect gift for a toddler, but it's also great for creativity and sensory development! Your little chef can cook up fun pizzas with silly cheese toppings and a stamp and spin crazy crust. This set comes with five different colours as well as the pizza paddle, cutter and more.

Help to encourage imaginative and social play with this lovely wooden farm set. It comes complete with fences, hay barns, feeding trough, 16 farm animals and a tractor and trailer. It's made from wood, so not only is it a lovely, durable gift but it's also more eco-friendly than a plastic version.

Toy kitchens are great for two-year-olds as they encourage imaginative play. This high-quality kitchen comes with two wooden drawers for storage, three utensils and two coffee cups. It also comes with a wall fixing strap.

Made from soft frabric, this dance mat will provide hours of fun for your todler. It has nine piano functions and eight sounds. They'll be moving their feet and enjoy dancing to the music, which is a great way to stimulate their senses.

Toddlers love nothing more than being comfy, and these loungesuits are perfect. Each set can also be personalised in colour and with embroidered initials.

This creative easel has a side for chalk and a whiteboard side too for different creative skills. They can practise their numbers and shapes on the whiteboard side and get creative drawing pictures with the chalk.

What presents would you recommend for a two-year-old? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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