The best playhouses with slides and swings

The best playhouses with slides and swings

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If your child is growing and starting to climb, play and jump around, you may want to invest in a playhouse for them. Likely to last years, these playhouses can be a great way for your child to burn energy, learn more physical skills and all in all, have fun!

These small houses are usually plastic or wooden and can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your needs. You can also add lots of playhouse accessories to make them fresh and exciting.

Slides and swings are generally seen in children's parks, and now you can have one in your own garden that your child can play with to their heart's content. We've picked out the best outdoor playhouses with slides and/or swings so that your kids can play with them for years to come.

What is a kids playhouse?

Also known as 'wendy houses' here in the UK, children's playhouses are small toy houses generally put in your garden for your kids to play around in. They can have lots of different features, accessories and add-ons so it depends on what you're looking for. The more you add, the more expensive (and larger) they get, so think about the space you have and your overall budget.

Today, we're looking at the best playhouses you can find with swings and slides. Whether you want a value budget option or an impressive playhouse with all the best features, here are our top choices.

Should my playhouse be indoor or outdoor?

You can get both indoor and outdoor playhouses or wendy houses for your children. Indoor playhouses are usually much smaller than outdoor playhouses, fitting into smaller rooms and compact spaces. These may be better for smaller and younger children, and may not come with large add-ons like slides and ladders.

If you're looking for a playhouse with a slide and swing, we'd recommend getting an outdoor playhouse to put in your garden for more space and to give your child space to play around on it. Most of the playhouses we've found are best for outdoor, but you can invest in indoor playhouses for children as well.

At what age should I get a children's playhouse for my child?

Although these playhouses are very fun, we wouldn't recommend putting your child onto a bigger playhouse until they're past 36 months old. After they reach three years, they should be old enough to play in the playhouses. You can get playhouses that work for children from two years, but they are much smaller and have fewer features.

It also depends on how tall your playhouse is, what features it has and whether your child is able to use these features. The larger playhouses are better for older kids or to grow into, whereas smaller playhouses without stairs and less height are better for younger kids. Either way, you should always have an adult supervise any children in or around a playhouse, especially if there are swings, slides and stairs on your playhouse.

We're going to kick off with the best playhouses with both slides and swings, and then we'll look at the best playhouses with either one slide or swings individually.

Best playhouse with a slide for younger kids

We've found this best playhouse for younger kids with a slide included. Smoby are a well-known children's toy manufacturer since 1942, so it's unsurprising they've shown up as one of our best choices.

We're suggesting this Fun Centre as a good choice for younger children over the age of three because at 2 metres, it's not too high and also has a great range of activities to learn from. Including a lovely picnic table and benches, a basketball net and football cage, there's loads going on with this playhouse for your child to learn and play.

Features: Play equipment, 1 x slide,1 x picnic table with 2 x benches and a fabric printed roof, 1 x basketball net, 1 x football cage, 1 x reversible wall (ladder or climbing) and a ball

Dimensions: H203cm, W284cm, D176cm

Material: Anti-UV treated plastic

Age: Not suitable for children under 36 months


Rrp: $2299.00

Price: $1998.00
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Target$2299.00View offer
Walmart$2299.00View offer

Best ultimate playhouse with slides and swings

This Discovery Skyfort II is a great playhouse if you're looking for durability, sustainability and lots of activities to last years and years. It's definitely one of our more expensive choices but a great investment if you're looking to splash out on a large playhouse.

Made out of cedar wood, this has everything you could possibly want in a garden playhouse, including an upper treehouse and lower play deck, monkey bars, two swings and a 10-foot slide. You'll be bringing the park straight to your house and this is great for a larger family with kids of different ages.

Features: A clubhouse and a lower playdeck, 2 belt swings, a swing glider, a slide, a sandbox and monkey bars

Dimensions: 668.02 x 510.54 x 375.92 cm

Material: Cedar wood

Age: From 3-10+ years

Best all-around playhouse with slide and swing

If you're looking for great value for money with all the fun bits included with a playhouse, this WICKEY wooden climbing frame is a good price point for a medium-sized playhouse. Including a climbing ladder and wall, a swing, slide and even a sand pit, this is an all-around favourite. Perfect for any child over the age of three.

Features: Swing set and blue slide, Garden playhouse with sandpit, climbing ladder u0026 play-accessories

Dimensions: 440 x 253 x 245 cm

Material: Pressure-treated solid wood

Age: From 3+ years

Feber Activities Center
Price: $771.99

Best value playhouse with a slide

This Feber Activities playhouse is great for a smaller garden as well as someone who's looking for a great deal. Vibrant colours will brighten up any garden and although it's smaller, it still has loads going on. You've got a slide and a variety of shapes and ladders to climb in and up.

We'd recommend this for younger children aged two and above, who are learning to enter, exit and climb. This has easy assembly which makes it great if you don't want too much hassle. As well as this, the ladder is 100cm, perfect for any young children.

Features: 100cm slide, climbing frames, easy to assemble

Dimensions: 2.9 x 10.3 x 7.9 cm

Material: High and low temperature resistant plastic

Age: 2+ years

Best wooden playhouse with slide

This wooden TP Toys playhouse is great if you're looking for durability and good build because it's made out of FSC certified timber and perspex panes in the windows. The wood is pre-drilled for extra easy assembly and you won't have to apply stain year after year.

This also has a one-year guarantee so if you're not totally happy with it you can be sure to get your money's worth. It has a ladder, slide and little treehouse which works as a playroom for your child to have their own private space. There's also loads of space underneath too for extra efficiency.

Features: Self-assembly, cosy playroom, a ladder and a slide

Dimensions: H230 x W137 x L306cm

Material: FSC certified European timber

Age: 3 years+

Best plastic playhouse with slide

This small Pilsan Happy House is a great first playhouse to get for a toddler. With a fun playhouse that leads into stairs and slides, this colourful plastic option is a good option for parents who want a compact option but still fun for the kids.

You can put this together with easy assembly with compartments that slot into each other, and you won't need any extras to put it into place. The slide has a handrail with extra safety for your young one, too.

Features: Playhouse with slide and stairs

Dimensions: 220 x 131 x 112 cm

Material: Plastic

Age: From 3+ years

Best playhouse with slide for toddlers

Another great option for young children and toddlers, this playhouse again focuses on the use of a slide. It doesn't have a full house with a roof but it does have a climbing frame with portholes and a hideaway for your child to move in and out of.

It's one of our lower-priced playhouses so perfect for anyone looking to save their pennies. Made out of plastic, this is really easy to assemble and you won't need any extra tools.

Features: Playhouse with climbing frame, portholes, cubby and slide

Dimensions: 76 x 76.99 x 130 cm

Material: Plastic

Age: From 18 months

Best pink-themed playhouse with slide and swings

If you're looking for a pink playhouse to spoil your child, this UV and rust-resistant 'castle' with swings and slides is a great place to start. Your child will be queen or king of the castle soon enough, and if they manage to grow out of this baby rocker you can always change it out for a swing.

Features: Playhouse with a ladder, swing and slide

Dimensions: 234 H x 234 W x 146 D cm

Material: Plastic

Age: From 3+ years

Best tiki-themed playhouse with swing and slide

If you're looking for a fun, themed playhouse for your child, this TikaTaka FATMOOSE playhouse is a great option, with green accessories. This ticks all the boxes with both a swing set and slide.

Be aware, reviewers have commented on the assembly manual, and you will need someone with experience in DIY to put this together.

Features: Climbing frame TikaTaka Town XXL with SuperSwing - Playhouse with double swing, slide, sandpit, climbing wall and playroom

Dimensions: ‎473 x 377 x 268 cm

Material: Wood

Age: From 3-10+ years

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