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When it comes to keeping your kids entertained over the schoolholidays, it’s not always that easy. From planning meals to trying out some new fun activities for the family during the week, it’s harder to keep your work/life balance during this time. When deciding on what to do, many parents turn to Pinterest for more creative and active ways to spend their half-term break.

There are millions of parenting hacks and ideas to be discovered on Pinterest, so to make this break a memorable one for your kids, here are some boards to help you discover more imaginative and fun ideas for the week...

Fun DIY activities for toddlers:

1) Feed the shark


Encourage your toddler to put the cut-out coloured fish into the shark's mouth to help boost their concentration and keep them entertained for hours. For slightly older children, try writing letters or numbers on the fish and make a fun game - even if it's how quickly they can find the letter 'T' and post it in through the shark's wide gob! 

Find out how to make your very own makeshift shark-inspired game for tots,here.

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2) Magnetic letters on a cooking sheet


The perfect rainy day activity for toddlers between 12 and 18 months. Don't have magnetic letters? Get some here. 

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3) Egg roll


Corr, what an epic toddler game! All you need is a big box, some scissors, tape and some plastic eggs (or something makeshift that will roll!)  

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4) Colour hop


All you need is some chalk and dry skies for this fun game! Simply draw different coloured circles and let your ideas come to life. Whether they toddle to the correct colour once you've called it, or they practise jumping from circle to circle - this is a great one for testing their motor skills.

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5) Card slot drop

Encourage your toddler's fine motor skill development by making this genius card slot game. All you need is an old porridge container, scissors and a pack of playing cards!

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6) The colour sort


Not only will this activity help your little one with their matching skills, it's also a good trick to get things looks a bit more organised! Simply lay out large pieces of coloured card and challenge your tot to sort their toys by colour.

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7) Car park maths


Get your tot to match the car to their parking space in this fun game that will provide hours of fun!

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8) Toilet roll run


Fashion a makeshift wall tunnel with bog roll and sticky tape and encourage your little one to feed pom poms through. Hours of fun!

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