The top 15 audiobooks for kids

audiobooks for kids

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Audiobooks are great for the whole family, offering an array of fiction and non-fiction to sink back and listen to. From the best bedtime stories to tales perfect for a road trip, all of our suggestions are great books for toddlers to fuel their imaginations.

Even if children struggle with reading or haven't started reading yet, audiobooks allow them to access the benefits of books including developing their vocabulary, developing empathy, helping them learn how to express themselves and accessing educational content.

They can also be great for helping your youngster fall asleep, earning you a break from reading the same book over and over...

Why not stock up on some fantastic children’s audiobooks so your youngster can be captivated by a story, whether you’re home, away or on the move. Take a look below at our edit of the best 15 children’s audiobooks, all available to download on Amazon.

snail and whale audiobook
Price: £3.49, free with Audible

What happens when a tiny snail hitches a lift on the tail of a whale and travels the globe? They see icebergs, volcanoes, sharks and penguins but then disaster strikes and the whale is beached in a bay. That’s when the tiny snail saves the day. Yay!

worlds worst children
Price: £6.99 or free with Audible

In this brilliant book from David Walliams there are 10 cautionary tales and a hilariously dreadful cast of characters, all read with mischief and gusto by the author himself.

Price: £2.62 or free with Audible

Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer set off on a big and very funny adventure that sees Da Easy Crew and their mates perform at a special carnival for ‘likkle ones’.

peppa pig audiobook
Price: £8.74, or free with Audible

This is a lovely collection of 10 recorded audio stories based on Peppa Pig, including The Big Tale of Little Peppa, George's New Dinosaur and The Story of Prince George.

paddington audiobook
Price: £6.12 or free with Audible

A fantastic audio collection of hilarious stories about the bear from Peru, performed by Julie Walters, based on the Emmy award-winning TV series The Adventures of Paddington.

beatrix potter
Price: £15.75, free with Audible

Every tiny tot should have this classic in their collection. The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter in one audiobook, complete and unabridged. The 23 tales take in Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, The Flopsy Bunnies, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Jemima Puddle-Duck and many more. They also feature a range of well known voices, including Olivia Colman, Tom Hardy, Lily James, James Acaster, David Harewood and Joanna Lumley.

elmer treasury
Price: £12.24 or free with Audible

Lovable Elmer the Colourful Patchwork Elephant has been a nursery favourite for 25 years and is a bestseller all over the world. This audiobook is packed with his charming adventures.

pooh goes visiting
Price: £4.37, free with Audible

Bit of a starry cast for this tale, with both Stephen Fry and Dame Judi Dench telling the story of Pooh and Piglet, Eeyore and Christopher Robin, and a fun family party.

just so stories
Price: £3.58 or free with Audible

It may take a few months to work through them but this complete collection of Rudyard Kipling's classic fables, read by Johnny Morris, will keep little ones enthralled. Choose from The Beginning of the Armadillos, The Cat that Walked by Himself, The Butterfly that Stamped and more.

owl afraid of the dark
Price: £4.37 or free with Audible

Plop is a baby Barn Owl… who’s afraid of the dark. A night-time adventure based on the heartwarming story by Jill Tomlinson, it’s read by Bill Oddie, backed by a lively soundtrack of songs.

superworm audiobook
Price: £4.37 or free on Audible

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's miniature superhero arrives on download, performed by Imelda Staunton, with music, the Superworm Listening Game, and the Superworm song.

wheels on the bus audiobook
Price: £6.99 or free with Audible

Oh, those playgroup songs. Fun at the time but then they play on a loop in your head all day. Kids will love this extensive collection of all-time favourites. Good luck on those long roadtrips...

clifford audiobook
Price: £1.57 or free with Audible

Norman Bridwell published his first Clifford book way back in 1963 and they’ve proved a hit ever since. The big red dog’s bumblings are so appealing that children will want to listen again and again.

the gingerbread man
Price: £3.40, free with Audible

You probably enjoyed this timeless fairy tale in your own childhood. When a little old woman and her husband can’t have a baby of their own they make one out of gingerbread. But when the oven door is opened, he runs away…

Advantages of audiobooks

So what are the advantages to listening to audiobooks? The biggest advantage is cost. Lots of online services offer audiobooks for free if you sign up to a subscription. It's also worth checking out your local library as they may offer the chance to stream or check out audiobooks for free.

Other benefits include:

• Portable. You can listen to an audiobook anywhere

• Enjoy having a book read to you. Audiobooks have fantastic, expressive narrators!

• Fit more reading into your schedule. Even if you still enjoy reading books, audiobooks give you the chance to listen when you can’t read like while you’re driving, or if your little one struggles with getting car sick.

• Bedtime listening. You can’t read in the dark but you can listen to a book with no problem.

• Family time. Play an audiobook when you’re in the car with the kids. It’s a great way to share a book.

• If you or one of your kiddos has dyslexia, audiobooks are a great way to enjoy books. For reading assignments, listen to the audiobook as you follow along in the physical book.

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