The best astrology party ideas for babies and children

The best astrology party ideas for babies and children

by Samantha Ball |
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Themed birthday parties are incredibly popular, and while a lot of people would choose something simple, such as a space party or a jungle themed party, why not choose an astrology-themed party instead?

The sign that your little one was born under plays a huge part in who they are, helping to shape their mini-identities, so it seems like the perfect theme for a birthday party.

Your baby’s star sign can influence their character and future from the moment they're born, so celebrating that on their first birthday or second birthday will not only make their party unique, but a wonderful way to celebrate your little one and their personality.

Check out our pick of astrology-themed party pieces:

A subtle but beautiful decoration, these tassels will look lovely decoration the wall or a table! The dark, navy tassels feature silver stars, moons and constellations. The stars in astrology are very important, so what better decoration to use!

Whether your little one is a Capricorn or Scorpio, these instant download cake toppers will make any cake (or cupcake) look amazing. Either stand them up with sticks, or lay them flat on top of icing, it's a great and simple way to decorate your cakes!

Best golden decorations

This 46-piece golden birthday decorations set is a great addition to an astrology-themed party. With different coloured star balloons, banners and even confetti filled balloons, they will really set the tone of your party.

Peppa Pig and Spider-Man balloons might seem like the popular choice for a little one's birthday, but these unique balloons will be loved just as much! Simply choose your little ones star-sign and pick between gold and blue design.

Best garland

Astrology is all about the stars, so this garland seems pretty perfect to go with the theme. It can even be used as a house decoration after the party.

Best balloons

The confetti-filled balloons give a star-like effect, and will look lovely floating around the hanging gold stars. This set comes with one 'Happy Birthday' banner, five confetti balloons, a gold flag bunting, as well as seven star decorations.

This 72-piece tableware set is definetly one you can't refuse. With gold straws, cups and plates, and gold speckled napkins, it'll fit in well with the gold-astrology theme. Plus, you won't have to worry about any washing up after the party!

The moon and stars are important in astrology and play a huge part in your little ones star-sign. So star and moon balloons are a definite must for the party! These silver balloons are a great addition to any astrology party.

What theme are you chosing for your baby's birthday? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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