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Octodrum 3-in-1 Musical Bath Toy at a glance:

Part bath drum, part tambourine and part handheld maze, Octodrum™ is a three-in-one tub toy that engages musical minds. Upgrade your toddler's bath routine with maximum fun in the tub. Music plays a fundamental role in little ones' emotional and creative development. When coupled with imaginative play, Octodrum™ triples the lea fun multitasker that encourages creativity and is adorable, to boot! The lid doubles as a tambourine and maze game, and the octopus drum floats and sticks to walls for little drummer boys and girls. That's definitely music to our ears!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: This is really helpful for bath times. My little one loves toys to play with in the bath and I struggle to find those that don’t have holes in to stop the water coming in and causing mould. This is great because it doesn’t do that and there are so many ways to use it that he doesn’t get bored. Really useful!

Polly: My son isn’t a fan of bath time at all and we find we have to use as many toys as possible just to get him in there, so having this toy definitely helped somewhat as it was something new and different that he hasn’t seen before. The base of the toy has super strong suction so there was no worry that my son would pull it off and throw it as he usually does.

Nikki: This product is excellent for bath times especially if you are travelling as it is 3 in one so less space in your luggage. It keeps my little one entertained as there are multiple you can do with it. If it gives me 5 minutes peace, it's a winner in my house. It keeps my baby distracted while I am washing her hair something she hates but it helps as there are multiple things to do and she never bores of it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nicola: It is really important now to have toys in the bath that don’t let the water in and get mould, as you see so much about this now. This is a great option for parents who are concerned about that but still want their children to have something fun to play with in the bath, and keep them entertained while they get clean.

Nikki: I would recommend this to other mums if they want a product that is simply easy. It takes up less space when travelling as a multi-platform toy . It definitely keeps your baby occupied while you are needing to do difficult things like nail clippings or hair washing. It's easy to find new games to play with it and make fun in the bath. Baby likes to make a noise so the fact it's a drum and a tambourine is amazing. She also uses the little balls in it as a puzzle.

Katherine: I would recommend this product as it provides a number of aspects including the ability to use it as a musical instrument and improves cognitive skills whilst using the beater to hit the drum surface. The bowl and be filled with water to demonstrate filling and pouring. I also really liked that the product would float allowing our child to entertain himself which keeps our hands free to wash him.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jo: I think the bath toy should win because the base functions as a bowl, which comes in handy for hair washing. If you're concerned about your child having access to a small, but not insignificant, volume of water and the possibility of a mess, the drum has a suction cup on the base to keep it rooted to the bath walls. My toddler has been having fun with this. I love that it inspires their imaginations with its many uses. What I like most about this toy is that it is designed for water play. That is to say consideration was given to the fact that the toy will come in contact with water. I have found that a lot of the bath toys we've cycled through are difficult to clean and dry creating mould issues that are near impossible if not impossible to rectify. With this toy it is entirely avoidable. The toy is easy to clean and the lid is airtight, no water is getting into the maze creating dirt in an environment designated for cleaning. Overall, I think this is an excellent multi-purpose toy.

Katherine: Yes, I would choose this product as it offers a range of functions so once our son is bored of one aspect he can move on to explore what other things the product can do. I especially like the fact that whilst he is young the drum is the main attraction but as he gets older the ball maze will become more appealing to him and hold his interests in the product.

Nikki: The other bathtime toys on the market aren't as versatile as this one. If you wanted to get something similar you would have to pay alot more. You would probably have to buy three separate toys to be honest. We've had alot of fun making a band, solving puzzles and using the stick and the bowl as floatation device for duck

What changes would you make to this product?

Nikki: The one thing u would change about the bath toy is that the tambourine section comes off rather easy. If you are just want to use it as a floating drum or have the section cup on the side of the bath for the baby to hit with the stick it comes off rather easy. Meaning you have to continually put it back on.

Poppy: I would make this more into an actual drum that makes ‘drum’ noises or make it visibly like a bath toy. Even if the base of the octopus has holes to the water could spurt out or was more interactive. If I saw this product on a shelf and it wasn’t listed as a bath toy I wouldn’t have any idea what it is. Although lovely to look at and very cute, it didn’t really do very much unfortunately and only got used a couple of times.

Nicola: Overall I really like this product, and there isn’t much I would change, but something that would be really good would be for the noise the drum makes to change depending on the amount of water in the bowl. This would be a great learning element for kids and would add an extra layer of fun to the toy for everyone.

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