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LEVEL UP PUZZLES scientifically designs seven stages according to the development of intelligence of children aged 1-7, each stage corresponding to children of different ages. The advanced system of this puzzle is mainly showed in three aspects. First, the number of pieces of puzzle starts from 2 pieces and increases to 247 pieces step by step. Then the content of the illustration changes from a single animal image to a nature, urban and other scenes, and finally to the world's human geography, reasonably expanding the scope of children's cognition. Finally, the artistic presentation of the illustration also has different levels.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Karen: The puzzles have been great for keeping my boys occupied while feeding our newest baby. They are easy for them to access themselves with little help as each puzzle are in their own separate bags. Each puzzle has ether cards or images to help with completing the puzzle. The pieces are very strong so I don’t have to worry about the pieces being snapped off.

Naivette: This product made my life easier as a mum because they kept my toddler entertained. the puzzle box is bright and eye-catching and easy to distinguish between age suitability, which would be good if you had children of different ages. There are images for each puzzle to help with completing them. Each puzzle comes in its own resealable bag so makes it easy to sort and put away to store

Samantha: I was absolutely astounded by the number of puzzles I received. These puzzles are aged and just brilliant. The way they are designed means they include pictures to help the toddlers match the pieces on their own. The smaller bits are colour coordinated which means even if they struggle with the picture they can easily match the colours. It’s so nice for him to be able to match these up independently and then if he is stuck to ask directly for the help he needs.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Genevive: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend or fellow parent. The quality is great and the idea is unique plus I think they would make great gifts. The kids seem to love the idea of different coloured boxes for each level and I like that kids of different ages can play with them at the same time.

Jenny: I would recommend the Level Up Puzzles to other mums as I have found them to be an excellent learning product, enabling my toddler to learn essential hand-eye coordination skills, learning animals and colours. Each puzzle comes with a certificate and stickers that can be completed once a child has completed the puzzle which is great as a reward for a child.

Emma: I would recommend these products to fellow mum friends and family. It’s a great way to interact with your child and do something together! As well as help with your child’s learning and play. The product itself is easy for everyone to use and build. It’s easy to use as there is a visual guide for parents to know what each puzzle is. They also each come in their own resealable bags which then go into each box so easy to store and travel with.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Karen: We haven’t had many puzzles but the ones we have had all end up snapped or with bits missing, so after having these I would definitely choose these over others we have had in the past, the storage and quality of the puzzles make them much easier to keep nice, and the age range makes them easy to put out for each child.

Naivette: I would definitely choose this product above all others - I think they are good value for money for the puzzles you get and the clear age banding is really useful. We were using the 3+ puzzles and the scenes were lovely - strong colours and there were lots going on in each puzzle, which gave my toddler plenty to talk about and kept her engaged. As the puzzle pieces are sturdy, it feels like they will be long lasting.

Samantha: I think I would. I had never heard of these before and we have a few puzzles already but these are great. The packaging is really helpful too as although they all come in boxes inside the boxes they are stored in reusable bags which is great for when you want to store them away as boxes can take up a lot of space. I think these stand out due to the build-up in age/ability. They are so easy to use and the quality of the materials used is high. They aren’t flimsy puzzle pieces that break and peel easily they are substantially made. Just a product I’ve absolutely loved testing!

What changes would you make to this product?

Genevive: I would add an instruction or parents' manual in English. I would also make the certificates a little easier to understand what you have to achieve to get to each level and there could be a sticker book in which to put the child's achievement stickers. I would also add a resealable box to make the product easier to store.

Jenny: the one thing i would change about this product is the price as there are other similar products on the market but for a lower retail price. I would say the price is mid-range but for some families this is still a price tag that they can't readily afford and especially if you choose to buy the puzzles in the older ranges as the child gets older it will add up to a lot of money. However, I do think these products are great as a gift.

Emma: The overall product itself is great, love how each the puzzles comes in their own zip-up bag and can then be boxed away into its certain age/level of the puzzle. Makes life a lot easier when it comes to storing things away and not losing anything. But I think maybe the boxes could be a bit more durable as one or two don’t quite close up as well as they did before opened!

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