Matchstick Monkey Bathtime Slide Set review

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Octodrum 3-in-1 Musical Bath Toy at a glance:

Part bath drum, part tambourine and part handheld maze, Octodrum™ is a three-in-one tub toy that engages musical minds. Upgrade your toddler's bath routine with maximum fun in the tub. Music plays a fundamental role in little ones' emotional and creative development. When coupled with imaginative play, Octodrum™ triples the lea fun multitasker that encourages creativity and is adorable, to boot! The lid doubles as a tambourine and maze game, and the octopus drum floats and sticks to walls for little drummer boys and girls. That's definitely music to our ears!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katy: The toy is perfect for a child in the bath. It is easy to clean and also easy to use. You can interact with your child with it also and help them with learning (colours and animals and also numbers) Maybe have attachments you can buy or turn it into a set where you can buy different parts for it to make it more onter as time goes on.

Laura: This product is a really simple design, easy to use and provides great entertainment for my little one, more than the standard bath toy. My little one is able to make the balls roll down and splash in the water providing lots of fun entertainment allowing us as parents to do the necessary washing etc which is nice and relaxing knowing your little one is enjoying themselves.

Lyndsay: My two children (2 & 18 months) really enjoyed this bath toy. Having two that are aged two and under it's always a challenge for me to find toys that they can both play with together whilst avoiding any arguments over whose turn it is next. This toy was perfect in allowing them both to play with it at the same time, taking turns to roll the balls down the slide, without any arguments. It suited both my children despite their different stages of development, they particularly enjoyed putting the slide under the tap and making a water slide.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Holly: I would potentially recommend it to other mum's due to my positive comments above however, I would also share the major drawback which is the fact that the balls have holes in and fill with water. We have had bath toys like this with holes in before and they are fine for a couple of months but even if you make sure to dry them out they always seem to get mouldy inside. This is a concern in terms of safety - I am sure we have all seen the story that circulated on social media about the child who got some of this in their eye. Therefore for the price, the only 'long term' part of the product is the slide.

Kerry Ann: It is very easy to use and sticks well to the bath and tiles. The materials are of very good quality and it feels safe for my child to use. The design is catchy and I love how the slide turns in different directions. My little one was also fascinated by placing the slide under the tap and seeing the water run down it – that was a great suggestion from the manufacturer and would make a great image on the product packaging. The balls are of a nice material, soft but sturdy. The whole thing is easy to store away in out bath-toy basket and you aren’t worried about any areas collecting water and going mouldy.

Hayley: I would recommend The Matchstick Monkeys slide to any parent that wants to make bathtime a bit more enjoyable for a small amount of time. We have lots of bath toys and she definitely enjoys this one, however it doesn't keep her attention for very long having only 3 balls. My little girl ends up adding an extra item to the toy by using the slide for other animals she has.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kelly: This is the first product that I have seen designed like this, we love the matchstick money branding and characters and I believe the product is of very good quality. I love choosing toys that my two children will play with together and not fall out over. I would have preferred it if the balls didn't have holes in them because they hold a lot of water inside which is difficult to drain out. I normally buy bath toys without holes in them, which is where bacteria can grow.

What changes would you make to this product?

Naomi: I would change that the product could stick to the side of the bath a bit better or longer that would improve the product. I do find it falls off in the bath or slides down the side of the bath most days that it is used. We have found that it slips down quite frequently which can frustrate little one a bit.

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