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Whether you're three or 33, Lego and LEGO Duplo sets can provide hours of fun. Similar to activities such as colouring and crafts,LEGO is a brilliant mindfulness activity. However, despite the hours of fun it gives us, keeping it stored away neatly can be a challenge, which is why you'll need some clever LEGO storage ideas for your collection.

If your Pinterest board is full of clever and rather satisfying storage solutions, then we think you'll love these LEGO storage ideas. From organising LEGO based on colour and size to storage that will look great in the home, we've got you covered.

Let's start with those random accessories and extras that don't quite fit into a clear category. You know, the weird heads and wigs and flowers that seem to appear down the side of the sofa or in your shoes, whereas a drawer divider made for a slim drawer is ideal for these little random pieces, and it keeps everything safe in their place.

Here, we have selected the best lego storage storage ideas for you:

Price: $20.96

These drawer dividers can be adapted to every drawer to change in length. They're made from a hardwearing plastic that won't easily bend.

These trays are great for adapting to any size drawer. We particularly love the small blocks for smaller pieces of LEGO, but you also have the option of adding longer trays to your collection too.

2) Lego basket

If the plastic storage solutions really don't go with your aesthetic, you could always pop all your LEGO in a natural rattan storage basket. After all, it's unlikely your little ones will keep everything colour coordinated for very long so you might as well bung it all in one pretty basket!

A basket like this is so versatile. If you no longer need it for LEGO, it can become a blanket basket or a place to store your loo rolls. Thanks to the handles, it's also easy to take from room to room.

3) Storage drawers

You can't go wrong with some handy storage drawers from somewhere like IKEA. These are great for toy or book storage as it allows you and your tot to see where everything is stored while keeping everything looking tidy and in its place.

This drawer frame provides a practical storage room for your child's toys, as the drawers of different sizes can be easily fitted into the space.

These plastic and hardwearing drawers come in a choice of five different colours to suit your space. You can also get them in a thinner version if you want to change up the sizes.


Not only does this table provide plenty of space for LEGO storage and space to build your LEGO too, it's also great for space saving as it can fit neatly up against the wall.

5) LEGO bins

These affordable bins are super versatile and can sit neatly around the room. You can also grab a Sharpie and label the boxes too!

Lego bin

These storage baskets are super versatile and they're great for adding labels to. They can slot nicely into shelves or store neatly on the floor around a room.

These pots can be used both indoors for hanging storage or outdoors for little gardening projects. You get eight pots per pack and they can be easily labelled.

storage containers
Price: $19.70

This includes three 1L storage containers which easily stack and shut securely. They're also fully dishwasher safe in case there are any accidents or spillages.

This triple layer trough is made from soft, fabric boxes, making it ideal for children. All nine boxes are removable and the shelving is easy to assemble.

Price: $9.76

Colourful baskets will bring some brightness to your kids room while also making it easy for them and you to put each piece of Lego back in the correct basket.

These handy transparent cosmetics bags aren't only useful for toiletries and make up, they're great for pieces of Lego too!

Made up of 44 drawers this is a great addition for organising. With 12 larger drawers and 32 smaller drawers, keep this is perfect if your tot has a lot of small Lego pieces to keep organised.

Incorporating some under bed storage into your little one's bedroom is a must if you're short on storage space, and it's a great place to keep all that Lego! This box is ideal for under bed storage as it's slim enough to slide under a bed, measuring 49cm x 39cm x 18cm (L x W x H) .


glass containers

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $23.99

If you're keen to cut down on plastic in your home, these glass tubs are a brilliant alternative. Not only do they look great, they're much more sustainable. You may already be storing your pasta and cereals in a container like this, but they're also a more sustainable alternative to plastic containers for your child's Lego.

You'll have no doubt come across flat lay make up bags (we love them for getting all our beauty essentials in!), but they're also a great idea for Lego too, especially if you're going away and only want to take some Lego. This bag opens up to spread over 60 inches and fastens using a drawstring with a velcro cover.

lego brick storage
Price: $60.99

These storage bricks come in a choice of five different colours and can be arranged on your shelves how you like. They're also easy to stack (like real Lego) so they're great for smaller spaces.


Play tables are brilliant for keeping all your Lego in one place and having a dedicated space to play with it which is great if you don't want to be losing pieces of Lego in the living room rug. This table comes with two chairs and you can fit any Lego to the top. The top can also be removed to store your Lego inside and the chairs can be adjusted in height to accommodate your growing kids.

lazy susan organiser

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $24.99
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Lazy Susan's aren't just for the dinner table. They're also brilliant for easy access to different colours when working with Lego and they look super cool too! Divide your Lego up into four near sections and let your tot spin the Lazy Susan until they land on the compartment they need.

This set contains four White Pegboards which can be arranged how you like, two white shelves, one white container, one transparent container with lid, two clips and three hooks.

Transparent jewellery or make up boxes are brilliant for storing small pieces of Lego and they sit nicely upon tables and desks. These durable drawers measure 17.8 x 16.5 x 17.8 cm and are made from a durable plastic to contend with little hands.

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