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We've all been there - rainy days with little ones that are desperate to play and explore. They might not be able to go outside and slide to their hearts content on an outdoor set, but you can set up your own DIY indoor slide for a fun rainy-day project.

But how do you go about creating your own indoor slide? Check out our guide to indoor slides, whether they're DIY or bought online.

How to make your own indoor slide

If you're handy with DIY you could have a go at this indoor slide from The Instructables.

You will need:

  • 2 x  wood studs by desired length. Mine is 44x195x2000 (millimetres)

  • 2 x timber battens 22x25x2000 (millimetres)

  • 10 x plank on my size they are 22x70x583 (millimetres)

  • 1 x Oil Cured board 583x2400 (millimetres)

  • Screws of different sorts

  • Wood glue

  • Saw

  • Nails

  • Drill and drilling machine or what you fancy

  • Pen

  • Something to measure with

  • Sandpaper

  • Rasp

Another option is this stylish slide from blogger Jessie Martin. For this one you'll need:

  • Full sheet (4ft x 8ft ) Pre-sanded Plywood

  • Construction Screws – #8 x 1-⅝” (4.13cm)

  • Paint: Semi-Gloss Acrylic Interior Paint + Primer (Super White by Benjamin Moore)

  • Satin Clear Gloss Spray: Krylon Colormaster Acrylic Crystal Clear Gloss Spray: Clear (non-yellowing)

  • Level

  • Drill

  • 4 – ½ / (114 mm) Metal Hole Saw (optional)*

  • Table Saw

  • Jig Saw

  • Small Paint Roller

  • Paint Brush

  • Electric Sander (optional)**

  • Sandpaper (80 grit)

  • Wood Clamps (we used 24 inch clamps)


If you don't have a lot of room, you could utilise the space on your stairs with this cool stair slide from the Remodelaholic blog. You'll still need to be handy with DIY for this one, though.

Not everyone's a DIY expert, so if you're after something quick and easy you could try this Pinterest slide idea using old moving boxes.

Little Tikes First Slide

Weight: 3.18 kg

Size: 39 x 120 x 77 cm

Recommended age: 18 months - 6 years

Material: Plastic

You'll love: The price. This is one of the most affordable slides out there, and it's perfect for your toddler's first slide.

Milliard Soft Play Equipment Foam Toddler Stairs and Ramp Climber

Weight: 4.74 Kg

Size: 101.6 x 50.8 x 25.4 cm

Material: Foam

You'll love: It's easy to wipe clean and no assembly necessary. The soft-play effect also makes this set suitable for younger babies, reviews say children as young as 12 months can safely use this set.

RINAGYM Kletterdreieck

Weight: 16.9 Kg

Size: H80 x W80 x L115 cm

Material: Wood

You'll love: The flexibility. You can adjust the height of this wooden set and use the slide as a ladder too. It's perfect for your little one's changing range of movements and interests.

Smoby 7600820615 XS Water Fun Frozen 2 Slide
Price: $322.92

Weight: 4 Kg

Size: 107 x 51 x 24 cm

Recommended age: 18 months and up

Material: Plastic

You'll love: The branding. If you've got a budding Elsa or Olaf in your house then they'll love this Frozen themed slide.

COSTWAY Folding First Slide for Kids

Weight: 4kg

Size: 110 x 54 x 70cm

Recommended age: 36 months - 8 years

Material: Plastic

You'll love: The large weight capacity of 50kg makes this slide perfect for older children who will use this slide for a longer period of time than some of the less sturdy toddler models.

Jupiduu - The lovely kids slide made from wood (white)

Weight: 19 Kg

Size: 145 x 68 x 43 cm

Recommended age: 1-4 years

Material: Wood

You'll love: The look - we love the white wooden finish of the slide. Matched with the sturdy design, it's the perfect slide for your little ones without having to sacrifice your Mrs Hinch interior.

Palplay Red u0026 Blue Kids u0026 Toddlers Folding First Slide

Weight: 15 Kg

Size: 130 x 47 x 72 cm

Recommended age: 18 months - 5 years

Material: Plastic

You'll love: The size. This compact slide also folds away, so if you're lacking space this is the perfect indoor slide for you.

Baby Vivo Kids Slide Childrens Slide

Weight: 9.5 Kg

Size: 160 x 40 x 75.5 cm

Recommended age: From 36 months

Material: Plastic

You'll love: The design. This totally unique design is something you don't usually see on classic toddler slides. The elephant sides are also sturdy, this slide carries weight up to 30kg.

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