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Creating your very own chalkboard wall is an easy and fun way of giving your home a cool and unique update with minimal effort. Chalkboard walls are also a great addition to the home if you have children who like to like to add their own personal touches to walls (without ruining your freshly painted walls).

Whether it be in the playroom or family kitchen, a chalkboard wall will also help you and your family stay organised as you can use it for both drawing and as a reminder board for those chores and tasks you always forget to do!

All you'll need to get started is a pot of chalkboard paint - find our top paint picks below.

Before you get cracking with the paint, here's our top tips to making the most brilliant chalkboard wall.

Choosing the right wall

When choosing which wall your chalkboard wall will be going on, you need to check its texture. The smoother the wall, the easier your chalkboard paint will go on so really, you want to be choosing a nice, smooth and easy-to-paint wall. If your perfect chalkboard wall is a little on the rough side, grab some sandpaper and filler to smooth it out.

Layer up

The more layers of paint you add, the smoother your chalkboard wall will be, so you'll want to add at least two coats of your paint. The instructions on the paint should give you some helpful guidance when it comes to how many layers to do.

Let it dry for a few days

Once you're happy with the number of coats you've given it, you'll need to leave the wall to dry for around three days depending on the brand of paint you've used. This is the most tricky part when you have little ones eager to go mad with the chalk!

When the paint is dry, you'll need to rub chalk over the entire space (you can definitely get the kids involved with this one) and then erase it thoroughly with a dry towel. Once you do this, the surface will be ready for all the chalk you want.

Add some colour

Although a standard chalkboard tends to be black, don't be afraid to go for a bright and bold chalkboard wall if you prefer a dash of colour. There are loads of different coloured chalkboard paints you can buy. We love this Rust-Oleum Pink Chalkboard Brush Paint, 250ml, £5.15, from Sprayster or this Peacock Blue shade from Hemway, £29.99.

Make it magnetic

You could also make your chalkboard wall magnetic too by adding a few layers of magnetic paint underneath the chalk paint such as this MagPaint® Magnetic Paint from Amazon. You could also buy a two-in-one magnetic and chalkboard wall paint to get the best of both worlds with thisRust-Oleum Magnetic Black Chalkboard Brush Paint Matt 750ml.

Things to remember

  • Don't forget to tape the edges of the wall and the skirting board for a neat finish with painter's tape.

  • Not sure you want it as a permenant fixture in the home? You can buy temporary chalkboard wall paint that can be peeled off when you no longer want it.

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