The best Disney Advent calendars this Christmas

Disney Advent calendars

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There's a huge array of different Advent calendars for your toddler that you can buy these days, but why not countdown to Christmas with the best Disney Advent calendars and bring a bit of magic?

We all know that Disney is magical all year round, but there's something about Disney at Christmas that brings a whole new level of it. There are so many alternatives to your standard chocolate advent calendar too, that countdown down to December 25th with your child's favourite Disney characters just makes sense!

The best Disney Advent calendars at a glance:

Best Funko Disney Advent calendars: Funko Advent Calendar - buy here on Amazon.
Best Bluey Disney Advent calendars: Bluey Advent Calendar - buy here on Argos.
Best fill your own Disney Advent calendars: Disney Stitch Fill Your Own Advent - buy here on Amazon.

From Disney favourites to newer members of the Disney family, there's different types of Disney Advent calendars to choose from, for all ages and calendars styles.

Best Funko Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars Funko Advent Calendar: Classic Disney

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $34.29

Filled with 24 classic Disney characters, dressed with a Christmas twist, the Funko Advent Calendar is the perfect way to countdown to Christmas for kids and adults. The figurines can be played with or used as Christmas ornaments. It's a fun surprise waiting to see which character is behind the day each day.

One customer said: Got for a friend because she loves Disney things came with lots of little figurines was well packed I guess it’s a little more than you would pay but for someone who loves Disney it’s worth it." Another person said: "This was a brilliant calendar, my partner who is a Disney fanatic absolutely loved it. Everyday was a little surprise."


  • Different Disney characters in the Funko design
  • Can be played with or used as decoration


  • Some are difficult to stand up

Best Bluey Disney Advent calendars

The Bluey Advent Calendar features 16 accessories and 6 stickers to collect over the 24 day countdown to Christmas. It features a Christmas tree to build, Bluey and Bingo, accessories and stickers to use. They can also be used with other Bluey toys, so you can play with them all the time.


  • Bluey and Bingo figures
  • Christmas accessories


  • No onsite reviews

Best fill your own Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars Disney Stitch Fill Your Own Advent Calendar
Price: $14.99

Not only is this a great way to countdown to Christmas, but the Disney Stitch Fill Your Own Advent Calendar makes for a great decoration that you can use every year. With 24 roomy pockets, you can fill this advent with your own treats for your child, so you can change up what they get each day. They can use the mini Stitch to help countdown the days, by jumping him from pocket to pocket. It also comes with a pack of 25 stickers.

One review said: My daughter loves Stitch and wanted her advent calender to have Stitch on. The pockets are big enough to hold a mini pack of Haribo sweets in. The product is very light weight but made from good strong fabric. Great product loved by my 7 year old"


  • Fill with your own treats
  • Reusable


  • You have to find treats yourself

Best Star Wars Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar
Price: $42.66

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar comes with nine characters, 10 toy vehicles and five iconic mini-models. It's the perfect Advent for Star Wars fans, and they figures can be used with other Star Wars LEGO sets. There's even a Gonk Droid dressed as a reindeer!


  • 10 mini build toy vehicles
  • 9 Star Wars LEGO characters


  • Small parts so supervision is needed

Best Disney Advent calendars gameboard

Best Disney Advent calendars Disney Advent Calendar - Official Christmas Board Game
Price: $27.52

Open a new piece of the puzzle every day in the run up to Christmas! The Disney Advent Calendar - Official Christmas Board Game contains contains puzzle pieces and characters to buld up a board game that you can play with on Christmas day. The figurines can also be played with in the run up to to completing the gameboard.

One review said: "My little girl loved this advent calendar - 16 figures and lots of puzzle pieces. She really enjoyed putting the puzzle together on Christmas day and plays with the figurines daily. Toy advent calendars are great for kids who love figure play. Very happy!"


  • Creates a fun, family board game
  • Unique Advent calendar


  • You have to wait the 24 days before you can play the game

Best Marvel Disney Advent calendars

If your little one is a fan of Marvel (or even if you are) the Marvel Christmas Holiday Funko Advent Calendar has 24 festive themed mini-figures, including a gingerbread Captain America and Groot in Christmas lights. They're fun to collect and can even be played with.


  • Christmas themed Marvel characters
  • Mini vinyl collections


  • No onsite reviews

Best storybook Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar
Price: $42.13

With this lovely calendar, you and your child will unwrap a different book each day to settle down and read together that night. The Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar includes favourites such as Mickey, Belle, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, and many more familiar faces.

One review said: "Ordered this on a whim for my 4 year old daughter and wasn’t sure it turn out, but we absolutely love it. It looks much bigger than in the pictures and the stories are fun and engaging. Since they are individually covered the anticipation for the next one is quite interesting on the little ones face. Would definitely recommend."


  • A new story every night
  • Advent opens like a book


  • It's the 2021 collection

Best Bluey book Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars Bluey: Awesome Advent Book Bundle
Price: $25.60

Perfect for Bluey fans, this Bluey: Awesome Advent Book Bundle contains 24 story and colouring books to change up each day in the countdown to Christmas. It's a fun little collection that's a brilliant change form the usual chocolate advent calendars.

One review said: "I know it's September and we won't be using it for another two months but we have it now and it's perfect. I do wish it had more books than colourings or books only but oh well." Another wrote: "This calendar is absolutely lovely. Really good quality and looks fab"


  • Includes a mix of storybooks and colouring books
  • Features everyone's favourite Heeler puppy


  • Some mentioned they'd rather it just have storybooks

Best Cars Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars Disney and Pixar Cars Minis Advent Calendar
Price: $27.90

Containing four cars from the film, the Disney and Pixar Cars Minis Advent Calendar also comes with track pieces that you have to build up over the 24 days. There's lots of ways to play, vertically like a Christmas tree or like a traditional racetrack.

One review said: "My son really liked it, obviously not used as an advent calendar both because we are in the middle of summer and because he is so curious that even if it had been December it would not have been possible to do it.
But we opened one box at a time and had a lot of fun The toy cars (4) are very well done and Christmas-themed."


  • Creates a cool car track
  • 4 car characters


  • Might not have the patience to wait 24 days

Best bath and body Disney Advent calendars

The Nightmare Before Christmas 12 Days Bath and Body Advent Calendar features body lotion, wash, hand cream, lotion, bath bombs, lip balms and more. It's perfect for Nightmare Before Christmas fans, and all the products smell beautiful.

One review said: "Great product"


  • Beautifully scented
  • Creates a relaxing bath set


  • Only 12 days included

Best new storybook Disney Advent calendars

Best Disney Advent calendars Disney D100: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar
Price: $39.99

With the Disney D100: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar, you get a new story every night in the run up to Christmas, so you can settle down with a new adventure with your little one. It's exciting to find out what character book is behind each door! There's also a great array of characters to suit girls and boys.


  • A new story every night
  • Start a new tradition


  • Some stories were similar to previous years

Christmas Advent calendars: all you need to know

What advent should I get?

Depending on the age of your child would depend on the advent they might prefer. As there is a variety of different advents, you can find some with chocolate treats and others with toys, which they might prefer.

Does my child need an Advent calendar?

It's no secret that children and toddlers love Christmas, with all the festivities, and smaller children can struggle with the concept of time. An Advent is a great way to show your child how many days there are left until Christmas, using a visual aid. It also gives them a little treat in the run up to the big day!

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