The best crayons for toddlers

Crayons for toddlers

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When it comes to stocking up on an arts and crafts box for your little one, crayons are an absolute must-have. While you might think crayons are just crayons, many of them aren't suitable for children under three, which is why it's so important that crayons for toddlers are safe for them to use.

Let them explore their creative side with our pick of the best crayons, designed specifically for creative little hands.

Crayola My First Easy Grip Jumbo Crayons designed for Toddlers

Rrp: $16.99

Price: $13.88

These jumbo crayons are designed specifically for toddlers palms so they can easily create their first drawings. They're non-toxic and thanks to the thickness, they are far less breakable than thinner crayons.

Age: From 12 months

One reviewer said: 'Perfect first set for my 13 month old. She can hold these and has started to 'draw'. She mainly just stabs at the paper and the crayons are sturdy enough to take it! The crayons mark easily on the page which is great because she doesn't need to press too hard to make a 'drawing'. She has popped them in her mouth and I've quickly pulled them back out and no damage or breakage as they are nice and thick. The tub is perfect to hold the crayons in and is useful to store them in.'

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons
Price: $22.95

Although these crayons are a little on the pricier side, you can let your toddler play with these with the peace of mind that they are 100 per cent Pure Beeswax, making them totally natural in case your tot decides to chew them.

Age: From 3 years

One reviewer says: 'Bought these crayons for my 2 year old grandson who has severe food allergies. Normal wax crayons contain animal derivatives and so make him sick. These are brilliant. He can happily use them with no adverse effect. They are just the right size for small hands and smell amazing. More expensive than normal wax crayons but worth every penny.'

These washable palm grip crayons have a comfortable round barrel design making it very easy for baby to grip even with small hands allowing them to easily make their first marks.

Age: From 3 years

One reviewer said: 'My daughter's first crayons are easy to hold for her small hands. They perfectly fit in her palm and are easy to use. Last but definitely not least, it is really washable - she likes to draw on the floor, even if she does it, you don't have to worry about it because it's easy to wipe it off even with baby wipes. So definitely would buy it again.'

Crayola Twistables Crayons

Rrp: $8.99

Price: $8.32

Crayola Twistables are wax sticks with an added twist, you just need to simply twist the end of the barrel and you're ready to start drawing. When you start to run out of crayon, just twist for more colouring fun - no sharpening needed.

Age: From 3 years

One reviewer said: 'My 2 year old still likes to chew on everything. Give him a crayon and he will eat the whole thing!
I bought these in the hope that he would go to chew on it but not be able to eat the crayon and if he does get the end bit poking out then that’s all he gets as he hasn’t learnt how to get more of it out. I have actually had a few nice pictures from him now as he is slowly giving up the effort to get the crayon!'

These are specially designed for small hands. They're non-toxic and they easily stack together, making them a great 2-in-1 toy for building and creating. These crayons are also washable with some soapy water giving you peace of mind.

Age: From 3 years

One reviewer said: 'Got my little one colouring independently at 13 months as they're so easy to grip and hard enough that he doesn't have a mouth full of crayon when he bites. But perhaps a bit too brittle as a couple of them have cracked after being thrown on the flower. Still, I bought a pack for my niece too cause I love them so much.'

CRAYOLA My First CRAYOLA Jumbo Crayons

Rrp: $10.99

Price: $9.75

You can't go wrong with some basic jumbo crayons and this handy pack is a steal! Containing 8 different colours in a thick design which won't break easily.

Age: From 12 months

One reviewer said: 'I bought these for my one year old and he loves them! He enjoys using them and I’m really happy that they encourage his mark making skills! I bought these a month ago and we have already spent hours just colouring with them. They are easy to grip and support hand eye coordination. All round an excellent product - as always from Crayola!'

Don't want to risk getting your house messy with crayon mess? It might be best to get your tot some bath crayons which can easily wash away when cleaning the bath. Containing five colours, these crayons are great for getting creative during bath time.

Age: From 36 months

One reviewer said: 'These are a big hit with my kids. They write clearly and are easy to wipe off the bath and tiles. The only reason I took off a star is because the yellow is basically useless. It doesn’t show up against white and never gets used. They could have replaced it with a pink, a purple or a black, any of which would have been more useful.'

Crayola Ultra Clean Large Washable Crayons
Price: $4.33

These crayons are designed to easily wash clean from skin, most washable clothing and painted walls while being safe and non-toxic for your tot. They're also quite large in size making it easy for your child to grip them when colouring or drawing.

Age: From 3 years

One reviewer said: 'Great product. I was looking for easy to clean crayons and markers for my baby daughter and came up to this brand. Read reviews and was not disappointed. Easy to clean from different surfaces. Purchased both crayons and markers, but my daughter prefers crayons more. Crayons are easy to clean when baby draws somewhere outside the paper. Cleaned them from plastic, carpet, ceramic tiles, wooden chair, car panel. Also the product is fairly priced. Recommended.'

They may not exactly be crayons but these Paint Sticks work in exactly the same way. They are extremely versatile and dry within seconds so unlike traditional paint, there is less chance of getting paint on sleeves. They use strong vibrant colours and can be used on all sorts of surfaces including paper, card, canvas, wood and even windows

Age: From 3 years

Review: "After seeing these paint sticks we thought we'd try them out. They are brilliant! Easy to hold and manoeuvre, cleans off most things without leaving a trace except for magnolia-coloured chip wallpaper which we have in our rented home, well now it's a slight blue colour in places that are at a 2-year-olds height. It doesn't leave a rash on my childs skin and comes off easily in a bath of water."


Now these aren't no ordinary markers, these are Crayola Color Wonder Markers which only show up on the paper and leave no ink or residue on their hands or your furniture! We love that they come in pastel as well as classic colours... The only downside is that they're only compatible with Color Wonder paper, but there are plenty of fun designs you can purchase.

Age: From 3 years

One reviewer said: "Bought these for my 5 y/o & 2 y/o along with the special mess free colouring book to take with us on holiday. Didn’t have to worry about them getting messy or colouring in the plane/themselves/other people! They are the perfect size for travel & good colour selection. My boys loved them!"


What crayons should toddlers use?

As little ones are still prone to putting things in their mouths when they reach toddler age, you'll want to make sure the crayons you choose for your toddler are non-toxic. Crayons that are certified as being non-toxic or chemical free will be made using natural materials, often using soy wax and beeswax. Non-toxic crayons shouldn't contain artificial dyes either, so if the crayon ends up in your little one's mouth, it shouldn't cause them any problems.

Why are crayons good for toddlers?

Colouring with crayons is a fine motor skill that helps to build other skills. Colouring can help your little one develop fine motor strength, dexterity, grasp and endurance in their hands.

When do toddlers start colouring?

The age at which your toddler may express an interest in colouring in will vary from child to child. As soon as your child starts to be able to grip and hold objects, they may be able to have the hand strength to grasp a crayon. However, at that stage, they probably won't be able to concentrate on a drawing for long periods of time. Around the ages of two to three years, you'll find that your child will start to sit and enjoy colouring in their own pictures. This is when toddler crayons will come in handy as they're designed to be gripped by smaller hands.

If you're wondering how to teach your toddler to draw, we've got some helpful advice you can follow.

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