Video: Brio introduces Smart Tech Sound to the family!

Video: Brio introduces Smart Tech Sound to the family!

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Earlier this year, Brio announced the addition of Smart Tech Sound to their family of Brio World children's toys, bringing a whole new meaning to 'interactive' toys and playtime.

The new train sets allow your preschooler to record sounds into the interactive engine and use the Action Tunnels to program the play and bring the toy railways to life. Sounds like a great addition for the Christmas list this year, too.

The Smart Tech Sound collection, suitable from three years old, is part of the Brio World open-ended system that enables your children to combine sets and design their world however they choose. Taking inspiration from the sights children encounter in the real world, there are many destinations in the Brio World to explore.

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Brio World Smart Tech Sound demonstration video

As you can see in the video above, Smart Tech Sound uses clever integrated technology to combine sounds, light and action, enhancing your child's imaginative fun.  Children are in control of the action as they can move the Action Tunnels around the track, creating a new journey for their engine every time!

Imagine a world of play where the railway really comes to life... well now we have it and doesn't it look like fun?

Brio World Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel set - RRP £149.99

Take control of the play with this 37-piece interactive toy train set.

Interaction features: The battery-powered Record and Play Engine is the centrepiece of the play and can communicate with its surroundings, automatically responding to Smart Tech accessories with various train actions that enhance the imaginative play like multicolour lights, motion and sounds.

Record and play: Customise the play by using the red button on top of the engine to record your own sounds. As the engine passes through the orange Sound Action Tunnel, it automatically responds by playing your recorded sound. “Honk, honk!”. Pair the engine with the Smart Tech Sound app and you can customise the sound environment even further.

Full of action: Each Action Tunnel creates a unique response from the engine, and by actively moving them around the tracks and different Action Tunnel Slots, you can program the play and change the train’s journey. Control the engines direction using the Change Direction and Stop Action Tunnels. Watch the engine slow down and stall after it passes through the Break Action Tunnel and then comes back to life as it leaves the Fix Action Tunnel. And hear your pre-recorded customisable sounds play after the toy train swoops under the Sound Action Tunnel

Brio World Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Circle set - RRP £69.99

There are 14 pieces in this interactive toy train set including the Smart Tech Sound Record & Play Engine, Sound Tunnel and Change Direction Action Tunnel.

The wooden track pieces are crafted using FSC Certified wood and the new items can be used with other BRIO World sets. And in true Brio style, the wooden track pieces have always remained the same so that your family can grow and share the joy of their collection from generation to generation. Sentimental toys and we love it.

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