Spark their imaginations with the best playsets for boys

Best playsets for boys

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When it comes to igniting the imaginations of little boys, not many things are better than toys. From fire stations to zoos, hospitals to rocket ships - the best playsets for boys will have your little one pretending they are in a faraway land of make-believe.

Playsets help a child to develop their imagination, helping them gain all the life skills they will need as an adult. Whether it’s pretending to be a builder or a scientist, these skills will see them far in the future. Through play, your child will learn how to be creative, build on communication skills, develop their problem-solving, and most importantly, work on confidence.

Playsets make the perfect gifts, treats and rewards for the little one in your life. The best playsets have a wow factor that will make your little one want to spend hours playing with them, leaving you time to sit back and unwind or join in on the fun.

Most of the toys can be played with by multiple people. We love that playset allow the whole family to get involved, which teaches your toddler skills like sharing and taking turns.

But with so much choice on the market, which is the best? We have rounded up our favourite playsets for boys, so you don’t have to.

Best playsets for boys:

Best playset you can build upon
PLAYMOBIL DUCK ON CALL Mobile Operations CentreImage: Playmobil
Price: $44.99

This mobile operation centre is at the heart of all of the action. Your little one can work around the clock to help the people of Playmoville in all kinds of emergencies, from accidents to crimes. This playset has a lockable folding box with an office - where all the important security information can be stored. We love this playset as it can be built upon so that kids can have endless hours of fun playing with the call centre.

Best space playset
Kidly Play RocketImage: Kidly

We love the beautiful design of this wooden Rocketship. There are 12 different themed rooms - bedrooms, operation rooms, bathrooms and more. Little hands are perfectly suited for this spaceship, and its flawless design allows hours of play. The brightly coloured spaceship comes with more than 50 pieces.

Best Superhero playset
Disney Store Marvel Toybox Spider-Man Crime Lab PlaysetImage: Disney Shop

The Spider-Man Crime Lab playset is sure to be a hit with your little superhero. Your little one can change from Peter Parker to Spider-Man, shoot missiles and play with the fun accessories. Whether it’s saving the world from an evil villain or just testing in the lab, your child can enter the Spider-Verse with this cool toy.

Best Playdough playset
Paw Patrol Ultimate Pup Heroes Dough PlaysetImage: Amazon

This Paw Patrol playset is perfect for helping your child explore their creativity. The set comes with ten vibrant pots of dough as well as Paw Patrol moulds of your child’s favourite characters. Your little one can have hours of fun with this 27-piece set.

Best wooden playset
Hape Wooden Viking CastleImage: Amazon

The sturdy wooden castle with a dungeon and trap door will help your child dive into the realms of fantasy. Whether they are escaping the fire-breathing dragon or sneaking over the creaking working drawbridge, your little one will want to spend hours playing with this.

Best car playset
Techextra Car Track Set 3 Level RacetrackImage: Amazon

This car track is great for improving children's fine motor skills, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. The toy includes four vehicles, three parking lots, a three-tier spinning track, a lifting elevator, bright stickers and road signs.

Best hospital playset
Playmobil City Life Hospital AmbulanceImage: WH Smith

The Playmobil ambulance is packed with anything a little first responder would need to help their patients. With functioning sounds and lights, this ambulance creates a realistic play experience. The doors all open, making it easier for little hands to get their patients in and out of the vehicle.

Best Farm Playset
Chad Valley Wooden Farm - 40 PieceImage: Argos

Children love this Chad Valley Wood Farm set, with 40 pieces. This farm is home to sheep, cows, horses, dogs and more. The set is a great tool to help a child expand their vocabulary through roleplay. The wooden pieces are robust and made to last, ensuring that your child can have daily fun on their farm.

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