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When it comes to storing your little one's outdoor toys, you might be struggling for space. Nobody tells you just have much room those Little Tikes cars take up in the garage, let alone the water table and all the footballs dotted around the garden.

But there are some practical ways of storing toys outside, from organisers that you can buy to little DIY hacks that are easy to do.

What are the best ways to store outdoor toys?

  • Add a pegboard to the side of your shed or on a fence and attach hooks on to it. This makes it easier to store toys that you can hang up, such as skipping ropes and buckets. You could even hang the paddling pool over two hooks to save yourself some floor space.

  • Create a storage organiser using a shelving unit and baskets. Label baskets with different items such as balls, water toys and cars, and store them on the shelves. It looks super tidy and it makes finding toys a lot easier for little ones.

  • Buy a storage container bench. This idea is practical as you have somewhere to store all those garden toys, as well as sit down on.

Check out some of our best buy outdoor toy storage solutions:

Available in beige or grey, this bench is an ideal way to keep your little one's toys stored. It has plenty of space and is wood panelled to help keep the toys dry too. It'll look lovely on any garden, and is the perfect 2-in-1 solution for a toy storage and somewhere to relax.

Weatherproof Outdoor Box

These sweet little boxes don't take up too much room on the garden, and if you had a few you could dot them around. They look great and are easy to move around, which is super convenient when you have little ones trying to climb everywhere.

While this isn't technically storage, it's a quirky way of organising the little outdoor toys such as balls and bubble blowers. The buckets hang on to fences or trellis and can be easily removed. The set comes with 10 different colours so it will really brighten up your garden.

Steel Pegboard
Price: $131.01
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Walmart$167.48View offer

If you hang a pegboard in your garden, you can create your own unique storage area. If your little one loves Nurf or water guns, pegboards are a great way of keeping them stored neat and tidy. You can adjust hooks to the sizes you need and even hang little buckets from them.

Ferryman Toy Storage Bag

This one is a bit different... It opens out into a floor mat, at about 60 inches (150cm), then you can pull the drawstrings and catch all the toys in it like a bag. Easy tidying in one step - perfect for balls, LEGO and other smaller toys in the garden.

CrazyGadget 42 Litre Buckets, pack of 5

These brightly coloured buckets are so useful to collect toys in, with handy lids so you can store them outside or in the garage/shed with no creepy crawlies getting in.

Cuter than your average shed, this small, tall garden shed is ideal for storing toys - and we reckon your little ones will enjoy tidying away in their own beach hut.

Do you have any clever toy storage hacks to share with other mums? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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