The best electric toothbrushes for kids

The best electric toothbrushes for children

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We know how hard it is trying to teach your children how to brush their teeth, especially when they know they could be spending those precious two minutes of teeth brushing playing with their favourite toy instead. But an electric toothbrush can make brushing their teeth fun and easy, not to mention they’re scientifically proven to provide a deeper clean than a regular manual toothbrush. The best electric toothbrushes for kids will excite them and actually make them want to brush their teeth.

With a range of cool, colourful designs available, it helps to encourage good teeth cleaning habits in fun ways, with timed pulsations, LED lights and even quirky character brushes. We’ve rounded up the best electric toothbrushes on the market which will keep your little one’s occupied and their mouth’s healthy.

When should a child begin to use a toothbrush?

As soon as your little bundle of joy sprouts that first shiny peg it will need a toothbrush. Plaque will begin to build up on the surface of the tooth. Babies must have a specifically designed baby toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes are best for children under the age of three.

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual?

Electric toothbrushes are scientifically proven to help healthier gums and prevent tooth decay. It's very important to start those healthy habits from a young age, so your little one can have a glowing report at every dentist trip, where they'll walk out with a beaming smile.


  • Available in a range of fun designs

  • Built-in two minute timer

  • Rechargeable battery (lasts for 8 days)

  • Use alongside fun and free Disney Magic Timer app to encourage teeth brushing


• No 'low battery' warning

Best electric toothbrushes for kids

Best U shaped electric toothbrush
two pack U shaped toothbrush
Price: £15.50

With a unique U-shape design, this toothbrush has an easy-to-hold handle that helps children to brush their teeth and clean in all directions with ease. It looks a bit odd and for adults might seem a bit curious, but little ones won't know any different so will take to it easier than we might.

Designed for kids between 2-7 years old, you can switch between brush heads too if they're ready to move onto something a little more traditional.

One parent review said: "Great toothbrush and charges on same charger as parents tooth brushes!"


  • Good design for children who struggle to open their mouths

  • Made from soft, food grade silicone

  • Easy to use

  • Intriguing design


• Doesn't give as an effective clean as a regular electric toothbrush

One customer review said: "So easy for my toddler to use. He doesn’t like to brush his teeth for long, so when he uses a regular brush he may brush just two or three teeth before he gets bored and quits. This brush brushes all his teeth at once so even if he only does it for a short time his teeth are clean!"

Kids Sonic Toothbrush
Price: $15.99

This soft, LED toothbrush makes brushing fun. It even has a smart 30-second timer to remind little ones to change direction and where they are brushing, and a two-minute timer to help encourage healthy brushing habits. The colourful LED lights will make tooth-brushing a bit more fun and interactive.


  • Comes with three replaceable heads

  • Cute design and fun LED lights while you brush

  • Built-in two minute timer and 30 second pause reminder

  • Ultra soft bristles

  • Easy-grip handle


• Battery not included

**One parent review said: "**Daughter loves that it lights up like a disco in her mouth. Nice small handle easier for her little hands to hold onto. Well worth the money she loves brushing her teeth which is a win for me!"

Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush
Price: £17.99

This cute toothbrush has six brushing modes, from soft mode for first time use to gum care mode for sensitive teeth. It's waterproof, (perfect for bathtime teeth brushing), rechargeable and also has a detachable toothbrush head for changing. It comes in a range of designs - how about letting your toddler choose their design so they feel more ownership?


  • Long battery life

  • Comes with 8 replaceable heads

  • Built-in two minute timer and 30 second pause reminder

  • Six brushing modes


• None

One parent review said: "My daughter really love it. it's had 5 different power massage setting for teeth. easy to turn on and off. easy to hold. lightweight. haven't even charge it yet and we got it for Xmas day. twice an day still going. Long life battery."

Best electric toothbrush for toddlers
Colgate Trolls Toothbrush
Price: £3.60

This battery-operated toothbrush has extra soft bristles and a small oscillating head that helps to clean teeth and gently sweep away plaque. It's significantly cheaper than the others on our list - it's comparable to the cost of a good manual toothbrush - so it might be worth trying if you're not sure how your little one will react to an electric toothbrush.


  • Fun design

  • Small head designed for little mouths

  • Slim handle for easy holding


• Battery operated and heads can't be replaced

One parent review said: "Really encouraged my daughter to do her teeth . She loves trolls only 18M but dentist have told me her teeth are excellent."

Are electric toothbrushes safe for toddlers?

Electric toothbrushes are safe for a child three years old and older. However, you will need to ensure that you are supervising your child whilst they brush their teeth. It is important to give clear instructions on how and where the toothbrush should be used.

Oral-B explains how to brush a child's teeth with an electric toothbrush

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