What is the best age for a balance bike?

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After learning to walk and talk, taking a first wobbly bike ride ranks as a major milestone in your youngster’s life. A balance bike will help your mini-me learn the ropes, and it’s a fun way to use up some energy outdoors.

If you're wondering how old your child needs to be to hop onto their first balance bike, here's our advice...

Do you need a balance bike?

A balance bike is worth buying because it will encourage the development of your youngster’s sensory awareness, as well as the gross motor skills that they will eventually use for riding a ‘big’ bike.

Most children are ready to start riding a pedal bike at around four years old, but starting off on a balance bike can help make that transition easier. The idea is that it lets your child master the tricky art of balancing on two wheels, so it’s far easier for them to learn how to pedal later on. This means that the majority of children who have a balance bike can comfortably skip the stabiliser stage.

Is your child ready for a balance bike?

If your child is walking confidently then, yes, they are ready for a balance bike. They need to be steady on their feet because, once they gain confidence, they'll sit on the saddle and take long strides to propel the bike along, placing both feet on the ground when they want to slow down or stop. A balance bike is also a good compromise for youngsters who don’t like being in a pushchair but aren’t yet capable of walking very far. You’ll probably be surprised by how much more distance your child can cover on two wheels compared to two feet!

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