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One of the best parts about having a baby or toddler is witnessing how far and wide their imagination can stretch. Little ones never fail to amaze us with their ability to think up so many imaginary scenarios. They manage to keep themselves entertained for hours on end.

Play tents or tepees are a fabulous way to help facilitate babies and toddlers' imaginative play. You’ll give your little one a den that they can call their own and use however they like. From inside their retreat, they can pretend to be a shopkeeper, a teacher, or anything else they fancy. They can embark on little magical adventures from the comfort of their own home.

And it’s not just about encouraging role play either. A play tent can be used as a relaxing spot away from busy family life. They can be somewhere your little one can enjoy a moment of calm. Your mini-me can use a play tent to sit and play with their toys, or they can use it as a hideaway where they can curl up and do some reading or enjoy some screen time with a tablet.

Space can be a bit of an issue when it comes to baby play tents, but don’t worry! We have included some fold away options on our list so that they can be put away when playtime is over. That way, you won’t need to worry about them taking up too much room at home.

If you did want to leave a play tent up throughout the year, we have included some stylish options that would be a great permanent addition to any playroom or nursery.

Give your little one the playtime of their dreams by shopping from our list of the very best baby play tents on the market.

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Best baby play tents

IREENUO Teepee Tent for Kids
Price: $45.99

Think of all the magical adventures your little one will embark on in this beautiful, 100 per cent cotton play tent. Along with the tent, you'll get a pack of fairy lights to make playtime all the more cosier. Set it up within seconds - indoors or outdoors - throw in some toys and watch your little one have the time of their life.

Review: "I bought this for my daughter's birthday and have to say we're all very impressed! Along with the tent itself, you get a pack of star-shaped fairy lights, a base/mat and a carry bag. The fabric is made from sustainable cotton that is also washable and the poles include silicon caps to prevent the teepee from slipping. There is also a spare pole and connector which is another little bonus! It was very easy to assemble with a good picture guide on the instructions (they just need to be read and followed!) Our daughter loves it and this is easily comparable to a more expensive option. Highly recommended!"

Not the most subtle option on this list, but definitely a hit if you've got a girly girl on your hands. Made with breathable, eco-friendly materials, your little one can enjoy hours of interactive fun in this little tent which will be a hit when hosting playdates. It can be used indoors and outdoors, is portable via the little carrier bag and can be used by children six and under.

Review: "This really is value for money. My 9-month-old will sit in here and play with her toys, which frees up my time. I personally like that the roof is removable as you can lower your baby/child into it. There are 400 balls inside and I'd even add more in the future."

Is your little one an aspiring astronaut or big a Buzz Lightyear fan? If so, they'll love this space-inspired play tent. Your baby's imagination will run wild as they look up to the galaxy, making up scenarios and stimulating their creativity. This is great for sleepovers, and birthday parties. It can accommodate around two to three kids at once. It's quick to set up, lightweight and portable.

Review: "I bought this tent for my 4-year-old grandson's birthday and absolutely worth the money it is a great size very warm when inside, it all so zips up which is better than a tie. As soon as he gets up in the morning he is in there. He has a table chair and a few toys in and he still has room to play with a couple of friends in there. Best buy I've done in a long time. Worth every penny in my eyes. Would definitely recommend."

We love the simple stripe design on this play tent that'll look wonderful in any room. It's made of 100 per cent cotton and sturdy pine. It comes with a built-in internal storage compartment for toys, books and more to make playtime clean-up that much easier. Your child can enjoy all types of pretend play in this magical play tent, and is also suitable for babies under adult supervision.

Review: "Lovely teepee, large inside and tall, kids love it, very happy with this, would highly recommend."

This zig-zag patterned play tent will be the centre of hours of fun and creative play. There are two large openings for your child to access the tent comfortably and they can even wave their little hands at you through the mesh window. It can be used in your garden or balcony during hotter months and transported to their bedroom come winter.

Review: "Brilliant. Lovely good quality fabric. Used indoors and garden. An instant hit with one year old who likes hiding but will be used for many years."

We love the yellow colour of this next option, which is sure to brighten any room. They'll love disappearing into their magical little den to let loose, get creative and have pillow parties. It fits two kids and can be used by infants under supervision.

Review: "Great wee teepee. Looks good and grandchildren love it and use it as a quiet corner in their bedroom for reading their books."

How pretty is this animal-printed play tent? Simple and sturdy, this is perfect to place in the garden over the summer and let the little ones beam with excitement. It contains flaps that can be tied shut and two windows they can pop their little heads out of. The interior is spacious, so this is fab for playdates and parties.

Review: "Bought as a gift for our daughter's 3rd birthday and it’s perfect! Bigger than expected but a nice surprise. Could easily fit five children. Excellent value and sturdy too."

Absolute play tent perfection! This spacious tent will give your bubba a place to call their own, providing hours and hours of fun. They can get lost in their favourite children's book, get some colouring-in and invite their best friends to join in on the fun.

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