Fun activities for 1-year-olds you can do at home

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One is such an exciting age for your little one. They're certainly not babies anymore at one, and their brains and bodies are ready to explore anything and everything (cue the baby proofing!).

At this age, their brains need stimulating, and they're developing a very strong will for how they want to spend their time exploring the world.

If you're looking for some different activities to entertain your little one, we've rounded up the best things for your tot to do at home for free. Not only can you probably find a lot of the things needed for these activities around the house, but they'll also help with your baby's development as well as providing hours of fun for them.

It goes without saying that you should always supervise your toddler while they're playing. From having to stop them from putting everything in their mouths to making sure they're safe around water, it's always essential to make sure you keep an eye on them at all times.

1. Play dough


A classic go to for any baby and toddler, play dough is a fun and safe way to let your baby

2. Toddler busy board


You'll have no doubt come across these toddler busy boards before. If you're wondering what on

3. Messy play


Not only is messy play great for getting those little hands working, it's also great for sensory

4. Ball scoop


Water is so much fun for little ones, especially when the weather is warm. For this[simple yet

5. Sensory play


We've rounded up our favourite sensory play ideas to boost your little one’s learning, development

6. Colour sorting activities


Matching skills are brilliant for your tot to learn at this stage, and there's no easier way to

7. DIY Shakers


How many loo rolls do you get through a week? Why not put those little cardboard rolls to use by

8. Washing up


Another fun activity for water, pop some of their water proof toys into a big storage box, fill

9. Colander fun


Colander's can provide so much fun - not only are they great when it comes to playing in the

10. Pasta necklace


Ask them to make a nice necklace for a loved one with a simple penne pasta necklace and string.

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