2 in 1 Zebra Themed Balance Bike review

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2 in 1 Zebra Themed Balance Bike

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2 in 1 Zebra Themed Balance Bike by Hooga Playroom at a glance

The Hooga balance bike is a quirky fun Zebra-themed child's outdoor ride-on toy. It's designed to help your little ones build up their strength and will develop motor skills, coordination, and agility. It has a 2-in-1 configuration. In tricycle mode, it offers children support to develop their walking and riding skills. As your child develops, it can easily be converted into a balance bike, helping children with essential bike riding skills. The balance bike has a non-slip rubber handlebar and a comfortable leather seat with two height configurations. The bike also has foam puncture-resistant tyres for your peace of mind.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Kate: A staple toy, suitable for the targeted age range and could be used indoors and out. Aesthetically pleasing, appeals to the appropriate age group both boys and girls. Comfortable for the child to use and enables independent play as they learn new skills. The light and compact design means it can be stored easily when not in use.

Seema: Excellent product.Easy to assemble, adapt to balance bike, can raise the seat too. My toddler managed to ride the trike within moments of trying. It's very lightweight and easy to travel with. The colours are nice and it's wooden, apart from some necessary components. Myself and my toddler are very pleased to have this as her first bike.

Lauren: I like the fact the bike is light to carry. So when I am out with my child I can carry it home easily while still pushing the buggy. It is also easy to wipe clean which is very important as outside toys can get dirty very quickly. It also fits my 2 year old very well since the wheels and seat can be adjusted so this saves me having to buy another bike too soon.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Laura: I would recommend this product as it’s easy to assemble and gives your children hours of fun. It's an amazing design and I love the zebra print! It also changes into a balance bike from the 3 wheel trike. I assembled this myself quick and easy instructions, ready for my daughter to play with after her mid-day nap!

Lydia: Yes I would and have recommended this to friends with small children. It was easy to assemble, really stylish with a lovely pattern. It’s well built and sturdy. It’s a great product for helping your child learn to balance and self propel themselves. Small, compact looks very expensive. I like that it’s made of wood, very eco friendly. The instructions are simple and easy to use and it comes with tools to assemble it making it really easy and family-friendly.

Katie: I love the look of this balance bike – the design is really cute and I really like wooden products so this defiantly fits the bill. The bike pushes along really smoothly and you can change the height easily for when your child gets older as well. You can also make the balance bike a trike if needed – which is a really great feature when a balance bike can take a bit of getting used to. The bike is also really light and compact so it is easy to transport and take to the park.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kate: I would choose this product over others I have seen on the market as the option for it to be adjusted as your child grows was a big plus for me. One thing is it isn’t as easy to fold down/put in the boot of your car as other models however it compensates for this by offering a lot of customisable features that they don’t.

Lauren: I do like the unique animal design of this bike which my child also enjoyed. I am also a fan of wooden toys for my child so I do favour buying wood over plastic or metal. I think it also looks more expensive than it is and it is also competitively priced compared to other bikes I have seen on the market.

Laura: Yes I would choose this product. The design is very fun and current! Monochrome is very in and suits people’s home decor! Very sturdy, easy to assemble and has lovely wooden features! A fantastic way for your child to explore the home and race friends! Would make a lovely gift for a toddler. I love the feature of changing from a 3 wheel to 2 wheel bike! Fab idea and easy to change!

What changes would you make to this product?

Lydia: I could honestly say nothing could be improved, it’s stylish, well made, great price. It was very easy to assemble and within minutes the children were using it in the garden. It’s great for indoors or outdoors. I liked that it came with tools to assemble it. So no, no recommendations to change a thing, well done for a great product and thank you for the opportunity to test. Two very happy children currently enjoy this around the garden.

Katie: I really like the design of the product and the fact it’s subtle and stylish. Children might prefer the bike to be more colourful, but it really is a small comment – I personally like that it’s not bright and colourful but is a tasteful design. I see there are other designs so they have obviously already thought of that!

Kate: I would enable the seat height function to be operated by a mechanism so it can be adjusted out and about rather than requiring a tool to do so. The product did take some time for me to put together. In general, I prefer to buy toys that don’t need assembling as it’s sometimes quite tricky to find the time!

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