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Close Pop-in Beach All-in-one

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At a glance:

Swimming at the beach or pool is a doddle with this Pop-in baby cosy suit. Ideal all year round, the special UPF50+ 3 ply laminate will keep little one protected in and out of the water, whilst the soft fleecy layer inside helps keep them snug and warm so you can enjoy your splash together for longer. Getting it on your little wriggler couldn't be easier thanks to the full front opening and flexible closing. It is integrated with their Pop-in swim nappy with its unique ‘seal to skin bind, meaning any little accidents that happen in the nappy will stay in the nappy!

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How did this product make your life easier?

Tiffany: This is a fab product and I love that it is an all in one. It has long sleeves too, so the baby is covered and protected. If you are packing to go somewhere you only need to remember one thing. It’s light and folds up small so it can be easily transported. The zip at the back, plus poppers at the bottom, means it's quick to get on and easy access for nappies etc which a lot of the swimsuits don’t have.

Leah: This product makes my life easier as a mum as it does what it says. It’s an all in one, has everything I need built-in, no faffing around finding a hat, or wondering where I’ve put the bottoms to his costume, it’s all there. It has an SPF 50 and it covers most of him, so even though I always put sun cream on, I don’t have to worry so much if I miss a spot as this covers 80% of his body. It has full arms, and the legs come down to his knees. I love the fact it has a peak built into his hood, which means I can grab this and go without the little thought in the back of my head I’ve forgotten something and not worry he’ll lose it in the pool!

Sarah: This product was such a joy to receive and test. The summer this year has given us some really hot days where sun cream and water are a big mix. My little one isn’t keen on having sun cream out regularly and also loves being in the water. The all-in-one product really is a quick and easy product that I have used many times since receiving it. This product ain’t advertised much and if I knew about it, I would definitely buy it! When being out at the beach or around friends with the paddling pool I have brought the all-in-one with and put it on in seconds making swim time a lot less stressful for myself and my little one.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Shona: Other than the peace of mind of sun protection, this product was easy to put on, I didn’t have to fight my toddler to wear it but it was thankfully not as easy for her to remove on her own. This is a massive plus point for me as she does have a habit of stripping off! The suit was perfect for a day at the beach/park or in the garden where my daughter was splashing with water, it kept her nice and cool and when needed we were able to remove it to dry in the sun. It dries super quick meaning she was able to put it back on again very soon.

Sophie: The suit is good for a 2 - 3-year-olds. It is comfortable to wear and has washed well, the fabric is soft and has not become discoloured by suncream as has happened with other brands in the past. The patterns are bright and fun although limited in choice, the suit folds small so it is easily tucked into a beach or park bag in case it is needed.

Jessica: This is a great item and comfortable for the child to wear. It's quick and easy to put on with its zip-up front and Velcro in the crutch area. It's very easy for bum changing as there is no need to take the whole suit off. The built-in hat is great as it protects the neck and it does not matter if it gets wet. Also, it covers 90% of the child, so you only need to apply minimal suncream to a few areas which are great for my child as she has eczema and suncream can irritate.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: Yes I would choose this product over others, with regards to design of the sun hat built-in and the poppers at the bottom. The only thing I didn’t like was I didn’t feel there was a good range of designs for girls. I have a little girl and my choices were very boyish. I wouldn’t have chosen either of the designs for my little girl if I was buying this item.

Indre: The quality and beautiful design makes this product stand out for me. The fact that it has the integrated good makes it unique and worth the money. This swimsuit has a zipper opening in the front and clip button opening at the bottom which makes it so quick and easy to get your baby in and out of it.

Victoria: The built-in hat is excellent. We have another swimsuit that came with a separate hat that my son pulls off all the time. With the built-in hat, he kept it on the whole time which was excellent when trying to protect him from the sun. The poppers at the groin are a good idea that I haven't seen in other suits so I would choose this over others for these reasons.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: It would be good if the hat was detachable just because it means you can’t really use this item in the swimming pool for example because you don’t need a hat in an indoor pool so I personally would use a different swimming costume we have without a hat. If the hat could be removed it’s a better all-rounder.

Victoria: I liked the design but would like to see a more colourful one or perhaps the characters look more humorous (crocodiles wearing sunglasses etc). Boys clothes especially can be very samey across all retailers. So, having a design that incorporated more colour, such as neon highlights, would make it stand out more and be more appealing to mums.

Shona: I love the bright design of the suit which meant I could spot her easily in a crowd but I was a little disappointed with the design choice, they didn’t seem to have any ‘girly’ colours. I would also like it if the attached hat maybe had a popper button which meant I could remove it if I wanted. I don’t see the hat being needed in an indoor swimming pool for example, where I would still want to use the product to keep my daughter warm if the water is a little cool. I used the popper fastenings for easy toilet stops but understand the next size up does not have this feature. If we needed to pull the whole suit down to allow her to use the toilet it would cause more problems, especially when wet. We also found the sizing to be a little small, we had a large size and my daughter is petite but it seems to be a little on the small side even for her.

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