Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim, Strawberry & Organic Mint review

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Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim Strawberry & Organic Mint

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Childs Farm's award winning strawberry & organic mint 3-in-1 swim smells like an English summer and contains naturally derived coconut and corn cleansers to effective clean hair and body whilst the naturally derived conditioning agent nourishes hair leaving it glossy and de-tangled. It also won Gold in the Best Swimming Product category in the 2023 Mother and Baby Awards.

Parents have also told us that with this baby bath product they love the fact that they only need to take one bottle into the showers. Suitable for newborns and upwards. Dermatologist and Paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people whose skin may be prone to eczema. Registered with the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

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Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim Strawberry & Organic Mint product
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Overview of the Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim, Strawberry & Organic Mint


• All-in-one product

• Suitable for sensitive skin

• Smells great


• No travel size available

• Strong artificial scent

Testing the Childs Farm 3 in 1 Swim, Strawberry & Organic Mint

gold best swimming product

Our mum testers loved that this product offered a body wash, shampoo and conditioner in one. A product like this is ideal for when you're in a rush but want something to leave the family feeling fresh. It's also ideal if your little one isn't a fan of bath time!

Testers particularly loved the texture and how it made skin feel soft. One mum said, "Wow what a lovely 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The texture is really silky and bubbles up nicely! It's great for getting the chlorine out of hair and doesn't leave hair feeling dry, as swimming can do. We love the smell both myself and my eldest at five thought it was sweet and refreshing. Overall a lovely product."

There was a little confusion about what the product was designed for. One mum said, "This may sound a little bit silly but initially where it says ‘swim’ on the front, I immediately thought it was designed mainly for swimming, now that may be because I’m quite a literal thinker but I did use it at bath time / shower time whilst at home when I was in a rush, and it’s perfect. I don’t think it needs to say swim on it but maybe could say ‘ideal for swimming’. Other than that there is absolutely nothing I would change about this product, I genuinely love it and will be buying it again. I’d love to see it in different scents."

Childs Farm has become a much loved brand amongst parents thanks to their no nasties approach to their products. Another mum tester said, "the brand seem more trustworthy than other brands. I like that it is vegan and cruelty free and they have thought about sustainability in terms of the packaging being recycled and recyclable. Other children’s brands don’t seem to think of this. The product was sensitive for my babies skin and I would recommend it."

Although Childs Farm isn't necessarily a budget brand of toiletries, mums loved that you only needed a small amout of product to get a really good lather.

"I loved using this product on my little girl, the smell was gorgeous and I didn’t want bath time to end! The design was cute and impressive (as with all designs and packaging from Child’s Farm) and as it’s a 3in1 I only needed to use one large dollop for washing, shampoo and conditioning which means this lasts longer."

Another mum tester agreed, "I don’t often see other 3 in 1s - I have used this particular brand but single products, it was good to see that this product is all three in one. This immediately gives the product the upper hand. The price is reasonable and even more accepted because it is multiple products in one, which means it saves space and time. I definitely think this product has a good chance of winning. It’s reasonably priced, smells good, has a lovely design, cleans well, leaves the hair feeling and appearing lovely and shiny.

Final thoughts

This product left little ones clean and shiny and was even ideal for tots with sensitive skin. While some mums found some confusion around the intended use of the product, it was useful in both a swimming and bathtime settings. It left hair clean and shiny and skin lovely and clean without drying out delicate skin and soft hair.

While the product was popular, some mums felt the packaging could come with other options such as a pump option and also smaller, travel sized options for holidays.

We all agree that there's nothing better than smelling your baby's fresh skin after a bath, but some mums found this scent a little overpowering, so you might want to avoid if you're not a fan of strong smells.

Full product spec

• Strawberry and mint scent

• 250ml

• 97% Natural Origin ingredients

• Free from parabens, phthalates, artificial colours and dyes, petroleum, formaldehyde

• Bottles are made using 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic

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