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kids' swimming goggles

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Whether they’re starting swimming lessons, going to a pool party or taking a dip in the sea, a pair of kids' swimming goggles is a must-have to prevent their eyes from becoming sore in the chlorine or saltwater. They should be an essential part of their swim kit, just like swimwear and swimming costumes.

Even if your little one swims easily, a pair of goggles can help them see properly underwater, so they can confidently navigate their way. Plus they will prevent debris and chemicals from agitating their eyes which could cause them to panic.

There are plenty of fun, colourful and patterned options available to suit different ranges of budget, many of which are specially designed to help kids to take them on and off or adjust them independently. Similar to kids' sunglasses, you can get polarised, anti-fog or prescription goggles, and some even come with a built-in nose cover which stops them from inhaling water.

Editor's Choice:
Best comfortable kids' goggles: Speedo Kid's Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Swimming Goggles - Buy now from Amazon
Best goggles for swimming lessons: Zoggs Panorama Junior Swimming Goggles - Buy now from Argos
Best goggles for babies: Zoggs Little Bondi Goggles - Buy now from Boots
Best affordable kids' swimming goggles: Nabaiji XBASE 100 Kids Swimming Goggles - Buy now from Decathlon

Here are our top swimming goggles for children to help them see under the water, which are perfect for packing into their swimming bag or holiday suitcase; check them out below.

The best kids' swimming goggles 2023

Best comfortable kids' goggles

Thanks the special flexiseal design, these goggles adapt perfectly to the shape of your little one's face, creating the optimal fit, without too much tightness or lack of comfort. They are highly durable, which is ideal for regular use and for throwing into the swimming bag each week.

One reviewer said: "The comfort of these swimming goggles is second to none. The view through the lenses is crystal clear. They do not fog up and offer good protection against UV rays, which is particularly important for children who spend a lot of time outdoors. The visibility is wide and unrestricted, making swimming an even more enjoyable experience."


  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Reduces glare


  • Some reviewers say that they're too small for ages 9 and above
Suitable for:Juniors

Best goggles for swimming lessons

If your child needs a new pair of pool goggles for their swimming lessons, Zoggs is an excellent brand to go for. With anti-fog panorama lenses, they can see 180 degrees in their peripheral vision and the clarity is second to none. That's not all! The strap is made to reduce pressure around their eyes, so they can enjoy swimming for longer.

One reviewer said: "I bought these for my 5 year old as he was getting annoyed with water going in his eyes. I thought he would mess about with them but he keeps these goggles on for the duration of his lesson. No water gets in and he tells me they are comfortable. Would definitely recommend."


  • Blue tinted lenses protect against lights and sun
  • Strap quickly adjusts


  • Not suitable for children under 3
Suitable for:6-14 years

Best goggles for babies

Suitable for babies, these goggles are highly recommended for your child's first few years of life as they are super comfy and offer protection from the sun's rays. They are not overly large and they can be adjusted as and when needed, so you don't have to keep buying a bigger pair every month.

One reviewer said: "We’ve bought at least 10 different pairs for my daughter over the years as they never fit well enough and these fit my 6 year old perfectly. Highly recommend."
Another reviewer said: "Some really good goggles for first time users. My daughter is 4 and these are a good size and fit her securely."


  • Moisture control
  • High quality silicone


  • Lack of colour options
Suitable for:0-6 years

Best affordable kids' swimming goggles

At just over £5, these Nabaiji goggles are a bargain! The standout feature (other than the price) is the adjustable nose bridge, which can be moved to fit all faces, which is great if you're kids will be sharing them or taking turns.

One reviewer said: "After trying 4 different googles from other retailers, these have been the best for my daughter. There have been no complaints! They are easy to adjust, give great vision under water and don't let the water in or hurt the eyes after an hours swimming lesson, or hold her head too tightly. Perfect goggles in a great colour."


  • Compression seals
  • Waterproof


  • Some say that they're not fully fog-proof
Suitable for:Small (narrow faces)

Best no-leak goggles

Kids' swimming goggles

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $28.12

Looking for goggles that fit nicely but don't let in loads of water? Try this Aquasphere pair! They fit snuggly around their face and eyes, whilst forming a secure seal which will keep out the chlorinated liquid. This clear option looks great but there are plenty of other bright and beautiful colours to choose from.

One reviewer said: "Very good quality goggles. Previously purchased for my daughter and after being well used in swimming lessons, in the bath, family pool outings and holidays for a year a cracking appeared in one of the lenses. Likely due to storage and my daughter throwing them in her bag etc she was 3 when bought. Have now purchased this second pair which she loves just as much. Very good visual field she is now 4 and able to put on herself with no issues of leaking. Would probably last longer if stored better but for the price they provided a years worth of a lot of underwater fun. Would recommend and continue to repurchase if needed."


  • Easy to adjust strap
  • Transparent frames shouldn't distract kids


  • May not pair well with a swimming hat
Suitable for:Ages 3+

Best multipack kid's goggles

Whether you have multiple children or you're after a spare pair of goggles in case one goes missing or breaks, these COOLOO varieties are great. They're available in all sorts of colourways, plus they also come with nose clips and earplugs.

One reviewer said: "These here from COOLOO jumped into my shopping cart, due to the promising looking closure system and the cheap price in a pack of two. Surprisingly, they are very good. You can put them on first and then tighten them. You can open it with the buttons on the side. They do not press the noses and fit my children (5 and 8) quite well."


  • Three-layer protective lenses
  • Nose bridge replacements and a net bag included


  • A couple of reviewers say they lack durability
Suitable for:3-15 year olds

Best for kids' swimming mask

Now for something with a bit more coverage for those that aren't perhaps the most confident of swimmers yet. Zoggs have created this fantastic swim mask which sits nicely on their face rather then around their eyes. They have wide lenses which are anti-fog, giving them the freedom to see where they are going.

One reviewer said: "I bought this for my 5 year old. He couldn't cope with standard goggles (getting them on/off and emptying them of water) and found them uncomfy. This swim mask has given him so much more confidence in the water. He is able to use it himself and we only had to show him once or twice on how to put it on before he got the hang of it. Must be reasonably comfy to wear as he wore them for about 2hrs straight after we bought them!"


  • Hypoallergenic material
  • 180 peripheral vision


  • May leave an impression which fades quickly
Suitable for:0-6 year olds

Best for thin goggles

Speedo make so many wonderfully designed swimwear and goggles for adults and these junior specs are just as good. Suitable for those age 6 and above, they have a thin double-head strap and lenses which snuggly to their face so that they won't fall or get in the way whilst they're swimming lengths or diving into different depths.

One reviewer said: "We bought this as a temporary replacement for my son's expensive goggles. They don't have an eye-catching design but fit perfect in his eyes. They were very cheap. I am so happy with that purchase. They will be my son's main swim goggles."


  • Silicone seal
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Some children may get distracted by the orange-tinted lenses
Suitable for:6+ years

Best comfortable kids' goggles

Fitted with a flexible nose bridge, these swimming glasses are super soft. They will love the integrated frame as it's so smooth and slides on easily in just a few seconds. If that isn't enough, they are designed to counteract fog and they are anti-UV too - how cool!

One reviewer said: "Perfect for the beach or pool. I like the multipack idea because I had two children in one fell swoop so I got them for each of them! At the moment my 6-year-old boy has used them and to tell the truth, I used the other pair and not a drop of water got into my eyes and they were of excellent quality! Let's hope they continue like this!"


  • No leaking water
  • Super-soft silicone
Suitable for:3-14 year olds

Best goggles for outdoor use

kids' swimming goggles
Price: £7.50 (was 19)

Your little swimmer will adore splashing around at the beach in these crab-shaped goggles. They have a generously cushioned gasket, plus the two eye pieces are not connected, so you can adjust them via the strap.


  • 360 degree UV protection
  • Anti-fog effect


  • Can be annoying if the two eyepieces move
Suitable for:3+ years

Things to consider when buying kids' swimming goggles

Comfort - Comfort is key, especially when you're purchasing goggles for children, as they may not want to keep them on if they feel "funny" or be able to concentrate on their lessons. They should feel tight but not leave deep marks on the skin.

Adjustability - It's important to go for a pair that can be adjusted, particular when it comes to kid's goggles. Aim for a pair with a movable strap that can be adjusted as they grow. Remember to check the size and feel of them with and without a swimming hat on before purchasing.

Anti-fog - When buying swimming goggles, it may be worth purchasing some with anti-fog lenses that won't steam up as soon as your little one pops their head above the water, as they could become disorientated or get lost.

No-leak - This should be a given with goggles for swimming. Look for a tight seal around the eyepieces, otherwise they may have to keep taking them off and emptying them.

UV protection - A brilliant feature to have if you're heading to the outdoor pool or seaside this summer. They will give their eyes the same protection as a pair of sunglasses would.

Polarisation - Polarised swimming goggles can help to reduce the glare of bright lights and sun rays, which is extremely useful if they like to be in the pool for long periods of time.

Can babies wear swimming goggles?

While some goggles say that they are suitable for children aged 0 and above, you ideally shouldn't put goggles onto your little one until they're at least two years old because they need to get used to the feel of water in their eyes. This will not only help them to develop a tolerance but will also (hopefully) not be a big shock to them should any accidents occur.

A swim vest can help to keep babies and young children above the water, although it is important to always supervise your child when they are in the water. If it's your child's first time using a swim vest it may help to hold onto your child's hands at first, to help your child find their water balance. The vest will then help to keep them afloat as they learn to kick in the water.

Happy little boy during swimming lesson smiles at his mother. The boy is aged 6 and is wearing swimming goggles. The boy is using a kickboard.

How to adjust goggles

If your child's googles are too tight or become loose over time, you may need to adjust them. When putting on goggles, they should rest 2-3cm above their ears, so check that they are on correctly before you move them. Many goggles come with a strap and a little bar that can be moved to adjust the strap to fit their head. If this doesn't work, they may have grown out of the goggles or they may be too big and you should purchase a different size.

You shouldn't push the lenses onto their face as this could cause damage to their eyes. Instead, once the glasses are on and correctly fitted, they should create their own light suction effect without letting water in. Some people may like to get their hair and face damp before they put the goggles on as they can sometimes be harder to apply on dry hair.

How to care for your goggles

To make the most of the goggles to ensure they last for a long time, you should follow these simple steps:

•Store them in a case between uses
•Do not expose them to extremely high temperatures (such as 60 degrees Celsius or more) as they are likely to melt
•Keep them away from strong blasts or jets of water (particularly the insides) as this could break or ruin the lens effect
•Only rinse them with water to clean them (if needed)
•Do not pull too hard on the straps as you could break them

How we chose the best kids' swimming goggles

We selected products based on the comfort and fit. We asked parents which options they would recommend, based on how well they keep the water out, as well as their design and durability.

Awards testers are asked to score the product they are reviewing in four areas: usability, design, quality and value for money. Each product is scored out of 10 with each of these areas in mind, and the final score determines which products make the coveted bronze, silver and gold spots in that product category.

Find out more about how we test and what considerations we take into account in our testing process.

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