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Help your little wriggler feel utterly relaxed with their own little Morphée. The mini-me version of the Morphée sleep aid, this screen-free and wireless device is packed with relaxing sessions that’ll help your little sleepyhead enjoy a calmer bedtime experience.

With a whopping 192 combinations of relaxing sessions, including meditations, nature sounds and soft music, there’s a whole host of options to help them get back into a calm state.

The little Morphée overview

Using the little Morphée couldn’t be easier. Simply choose a type of session using the 2 dials on the front and pick a length of 8 or 20 minutes using the button on the side. Then, sit back and relax with your little one as they focus on the sounds, feeling calmer and more relaxed.


• Better sleep for your little one. Can also be used to help them calm down and encourage mindfulness.

• Eve offer a 100 night trial, so if it doesn't work for your child, you can send it back, hassle free.

• 2 year warranty.


• At £80 the price point could be above some budgets.

• Currently only available in one colour.

Key features

size & weight

• H11 x L18 x D7cm / 0.6kg.


• Beech wood and plastic.


• Rechargeable battery. Comes with universal USB charger.

Testing the little Morphée

The little Morphée was tested by mum of two Emily, over the space of three weeks. Here's what she thought of this sleep aid...

How did this product make your life easier?

I was so impressed with this lovely gadget. My daughter, 5 (and even my son, 2) love that they can use this without any adult help. My daughter understands she can choose a character and location for a story or music. We also sometimes sit and listen to the mediation option together while she falls asleep. It feels like a lovely slice of quality time together before she falls asleep that I love to have with her - especially at the moment, when looking after our mental health has never been more important.

I look forward to this time with my children in the evening and consider this the beginning of practicing mindfulness but in a more age appropriate/child-friendly way.

My daughter doesn’t see this as a chore but something fun to do before bed. I like that she understands how important it is to choose a time in the day to sit and relax, even if it is just before she falls asleep. As a parent I also love that it takes away from screen time which can be very over-stimulating at bedtime.

The battery life is great, it always lasts longer than I think it will and has a little light that flashes to warn you when it’s low. It’s completely portable, not too bulky but feels sturdy in little hands. My daughter wants to take it on our little caravan holiday which I have to say I’m pleased about.

Lastly, I love the look of the Little Morphée, its modern and muted tones compliment her bedroom beautifully. One thing that is noteworthy is the wonderful calming voice of the lady reading the stories, it certainly helps the children fall asleep.

little morphee close up

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Yes absolutely, if you have a child the struggles to fall asleep and doesn’t like to sleep alone this is a wonderful addition to a parent’s toolkit. I also think it’s a lovely way for children to be calm and relax and have something they can call upon should they need it, even throughout the day.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

There are few other products on the market like this sleep aid, however I like that the little Morphée has a retro style and doesn’t connect to the internet. It has no screen and is therefore purely used as a relaxation tool. I know if my children were given the option of choosing an overstimulating/ fun/ ‘jumping on the bed’ alternative they would choose that instead of the calm one, which isn’t always appropriate, especially for bedtime. However they still have the autonomy and choice to pick what story/ meditation/ music they would like, for themselves.

What changes would you make to the little Morphée?

I love this product, I wouldn't change a thing!

How does the little Morphée compare to previous versions?

The little Morphée is the junior version of Morphée - a meditation and sleep aid for adults with 210 combinations of guided sessions, carried out by a team of relaxation professionals, supervised by sleep specialist Florence Binay.

original morphee

The look of the original Morphée is very different, but of course this version is aimed at adults rather than children. Aside from the little Morphée having less session combinations and being easier to use, the principles of better sleep and improving mindfulness are the same.

Full product specification

• material + plastic

• colour: green

• size size - H11 x L18 x D7cm / 0.6kg.

• Beech wood and plastic.

• Rechargeable battery. Comes with universal USB charger.

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