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The Gro Company The Gro-clock

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The Gro Company's Gro-clock can be used to teach little ones to stay in bed for longer. The sun/moon display helps children distinguish between day and night and the included storybook is an excellent, child-friendly aid.

The Gro-clock can be personalised according to the routine of each child/family and is a great way to help children get up on dark, winter mornings. Conversely, on summer evenings the ‘nighttime’ display reminds children that although it is light, it is in fact bedtime.

It has adjustable brightness functionality and the ambient light is great for midnight toilet trips; it’s also a comfort for children who are scared of the dark. It’s an attractive product that will appeal to little ones. It’s also easy to set up and simple to use, for children as well as adults.

The novelty of the clock might not last and some parents may feel that the product is overpriced but overall, its resourcefulness makes it great value for money!

The Gro-clock Product Information

  • ​Glowing screen shows images of stars and sun to communicate 'sleep' and 'wake-up' time

  • Includes fun bedtime storybook

  • Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time

  • Key-lock option

  • Option to set two separate wake-up times (weekday/weekend or night-time/day-time nap)

  • Adjustable screen brightness

  • Silent operation

  • Optional audible alarm feature

  • Mains powered (adapter included)

  • Suitable from age 2+ years

  • Conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards

  • Educational option of showing digital clock during the ‘stars to sun’ countdown

  • "Mr Star" nighttime graphic

  • Beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook.

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