The Dreambag Sweet Dreams Sleep Bag review

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The Dreambag Sweet Dreams 
Sleep Bag

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This is lovely quality and good value. It’s fully lined and the fabric feels soft and washes well. The side-fastening zip and poppers on the shoulders and under the arms make it easy to use, even with a wriggly baby. The length is adjustable.

Tested by: Stacey Reeves, mum to Matilda, six weeks. She says:

“I really love having the option to personalise this bag with your baby’s name, and it’s so stylish. The fabric is good quality and very soft, plus it washes really well. Poppers on the shoulders and a zip round the side make it easy to use. The fabric did gather a little underneath Matilda’s chin when she wriggled in her sleep, but she slept contentedly.”

Tested by: Claire Quansah, mum to Isaac, 10 months. She says:

“This looks so impressive with Isaac’s name stitched on the front – it will make a lovely keepsake and would be ideal for a present. The material is good quality and I like the neutral colour. It’s notably longer than the other bags tested, so it should last a good while and is ideal for taller babies. For a personalised item, I think it’s great value.”

Tested by: Lindsay Moles, mum to Jacob, 18 months. She says:

“A lovely design and easily my favourite sleep bag! The adjustable length means it fits well and won’t be quickly outgrown, so it’s great value too. The fabric quality is excellent. It’s lightweight,
yet kept Jacob at a comfortable temperature. It folds up well, so it’s perfect for taking on holiday. And Jacob didn’t manage to unzip it!”

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  • From £16.49

  • Sizes 0-6m, 6–18m, 18–36m and 3-6yrs

  • Personalisation from £5.95


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