SnüzSurface Cot Mattress

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The SnüzSurface Cot Mattress is suitable from birth to 7 years and provides the optimal level of support for every little sleeper, as they grow from baby to child.

Following research, the team at Snüz, created TripleCore™ technology, a ground-breaking system that allows parents to easily adapt their children’s mattress to create the perfect firmness, as their little ones develop.  Starting with stage 1 that offers a firm support as recommended for babies (0m-12m), then stage 2, which provides a softer medium-level support for added comfort for toddlers (12m-3yrs).  The final stage for children is a more durable surface to account for their changing size and weight, suitable up to 7 years.

Mum tester Sophie gives her verdict:

SnuzSurface cot bed mattress is a great investment buy, as it is three mattresses in one. It’s not just one layer, like a normal mattress, but three-in-one - three different firmnesses for different ages. The first layer is firm, for babies up to 12 months; the second is supple for toddlers aged between one and three years; the third is durable for up to seven years.

You simply unzip the side of the mattress and flip the other layers around. It feels high-quality and comfortable. When you take it out of the box and unroll it, you need to leave it to settle for a week. Eli (who is 18 months) has slept really well since getting this mattress. He seems comfy and cosy when he gets into his cot and he’s settled back to sleep quickly when he’s woken up due to teething. He’s moving around a lot in his sleep at the moment so it’s a great idea to have a supple mattress for this development stage. The cover is washable which is a brilliant feature; plus it has an anti-dust mite barrier and a waterproof surface. It’s a great price considering it’ll last for up to seven years.

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