SilverGuard Fitted Cot Bed Sheet

SilverGuard Fitted Cot Bed Sheet

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The Fitted Cot Bed Sheet is part of SilverGuard's luxurious sateen woven baby bedding set range. It's made from a combination of Supima® cotton for a soft, plush feel that's gentle on your baby's delicate skin and IONIC+ antimicrobial technology, to prevent the growth of bacteria. Awarded Bronze in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards, find out what our parent testers thought when they fitted their baby's cot with this sheet.

SilverGuard Fitted Cot Bed Sheet overview


• Wide grip elastic to prevent movement during the night

• Antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and odours

• Supima cotton gentle on baby skin


• Pricey

Testing the SilverGuard Fitted Cot Bed Sheet

Overall, our mum testers thought the SilverGuard Fitted Cot Bed Sheet was packaged nicely, comforting on their baby's skin and easy to assemble on their baby's cot mattress. "The product arrived in very professional packaging and looked very high standard," said parent tester Thomas. "Upon opening it was very clearly highlighted and the benefits of the product were clearly stated. The product felt of a very high standard and was very soft to the touch. It was extremely easy to use and put on the bed and immediately looked and felt like a high standard of bedding. My child has since slept on this many times and has had no sleepless nights since."

Mum tester Emily also agreed: "The bedsheet was packaged well and easy to follow instructions about washing and taking care of it. It was easy to put onto my child’s mattress and fit perfectly. I liked the sheet straight away as its plain white colour meant it will go with any of my child’s blankets and quilts. Also the feel of it was really good quality, breathable and soft."

SilverGuard cotton bed sheet

When we asked how the cot sheet compared to other brands, all our parent testers said they found it was of a higher quality than previous sheets they'd tried, with many praising its antimicrobial protection. "I genuinely think this sheet is great quality and feels better compared to other sheets I have ordered for my child online," said mum tester Emily. "The thing that makes this product stand out is the fact that they have put the thought into including the IONIC anti microbial protection and taking care of baby's skin, especially with my daughter struggling with eczema."

Nicola agreed: "This sheet is thicker and better quality than others I have bought. Other sheets I have bought do not have the same antibacterial qualities, so that is obviously a bonus. I definitely think if you’re looking for a high quality bed sheet then this would be a good one to choose!"

Final thoughts

If you're looking for a bed sheet for your baby's mattress that is kind to their sensitive skin, of good quality and washes well, then the Fitted Cot Bed Sheet from SilverGuard is a great contender. A few of our parent testers did say they found its price a little too expensive, however others said they would be happy to pay £40 for such a high quality item. With brilliant benefits for your baby, including antimicrobial protection as well as keeping them at a comforting temperature all night, it seems this cot sheet is one that will last the test of time.

Product specification

Size: 70 X 140 cm

Cot bed sheets are 20 cm deep

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