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MAM Night Soother

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We've all been there, rummaging around your baby's cot in the middle of the night, trying to locate your baby's dummy that's gone-walk-about, but with the MAM Night Soother, you can make it easier to find. Avoid the stubbed toes or bright lights, that can disturb your little one, with the MAM Night Soother. The button on these baby dummies gently glows in the dark making them easy for parents to locate. Available in a range of cute designs that parents will love; and featuring the classic MAM SkinSoft technology teat that babies love.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review of the MAM Night Soother...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte said: "First time using this product my little boy took to it straight away. Looked comfortable and did not leave any marks on his skin. Allowed some time to catch up on chores whilst he napped peacefully whilst sucking his dummy."

Stephen said: "Oh my god, I have been so lucky to have had a chance to use these. My daughter went off Soothers a while back, due to having a sore throat, so I was a bit curious to see how she would react. Now it's a case of we brought more, she falls asleep with these, she even grabs one whenever she sees it and just puts it into her mouth, she loves these. and we sometimes have to fight to take back off her when she doesn't need it."

Nikki said: "Having a dummy that glows in the dark is a lifesaver as if Louie wakes up crying in the night and has lost his dummy, I can spot it in the cot and quickly and easily pop it in his mouth again before he properly wakes up. It also means I don't need to switch on any lights to find it. If Louie does wake in the night, he can also see the dummy glowing in the dark and pop it back in his mouth too."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Ely said: "I would definitely recommend this product to fellow parents as it’s such a convenient product. The design is the perfect shape and size for your baby’s mouth and doesn’t look uncomfortable when being used. It’s also quite flat so not sticking out and pushing into the baby’s face is they’re using it whilst sleeping, which is something I worried about with other brands. This product is also self-sterilising, which busy parents are bound to find convenient!"

Emily said: "The MAM dummies are well designed, the teat shape suits baby, the sterilising box keeps them super clean and hygienic. I would recommend them to any new parent as easy to use, simple to sterilise and makes baby happy!"

Nikki said: "I wouldn't use a non-glow in the dark dummy now, especially at night as it just makes life so much easier. I love the design of the mam dummies as they are cute and quirky. I also like that the dummies come with their own carry box, making it really quick and simple to pop them in the changing bag and sterilise them in the microwave."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stephen said: "I would choose this, and pretty much think that this should win, just on the fact alone that my daughter won't have anything else. It has to be these, we have tried her with others before with no luck. but with this it's pretty much all she ever wants, she even chooses this over her milk at times which can be a bit awkward."

Nikki said: "Yes as I used MAM bottles from Louie being a small baby as I found that he preferred the shape, material and style of the teat. Therefore it followed that Louie also preferred the MAM dummies. They are a great size and shape for each age, and the glow in the dark aspect is a real benefit at night time."

Charlotte said: "Yes, I would, very good value for money. Designed with dentists. The brand is one you can trust. Very good value for money. Does not feel the poor quality. The shield is skin-friendly and allows babies skin to breathe avoiding any red marks. Glows in the dark, which is really handy when searching for the dummy at night."

What changes would you make to this product?

Ely said: "There is not anything that I would change about this product at all as it does exactly what it is supposed to do. There is already a few designs of this product as I have gone on to buy more, after using this tester set. One idea that might be quite nice is perhaps a personalised design? For example, initials on the soother. Which might be very useful for parents of multiples etc."

Emily said: "The only thing I would change about this product are the very gender stereotypical colours and designs. I think it's a shame that so many products for babies and children are either pink or blue. Please can we have some less stereotypical colours and designs for our children! Not everything needs to be pink or blue."

Charlotte said: "In complete honesty, I can not fault this product! The container can be microwaved for sterilising. It is skin-friendly, glows in the dark, designed with oral health development in mind. What more could you want from a dummy!"

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