CuddleCo Signature hypo-allergenic bamboo pocket sprung cot bed mattress review

cuddleco signature mattress

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The CuddleCo Signature hypo-allergenic bamboo pocket sprung cot bed mattress contours with your little one's body position to give them a better night's sleep and is a great toddler mattress. As it is an ever changing mattress it is designed to be the only mattress your baby will need.

This two-sided mattress incorporates a signature bamboo fabric, that has natural hypo allergenic and anti-microbial properties, which help to maintain a germ free, cleaner environment. The reverse side has an easy cleanable, waterproof training layer, to help with those early night potty training days/weeks. This CuddleCo children mattress is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Bronze winner.

Overview of the CuddleCo Signature hypo-allergenic bamboo pocket sprung cot bed mattress


  • Two-sided

  • Suitable from birth to 5 years old

  • Helpful with nighttime toilet training


  • Doesn't come with a spare cover

Testing the CuddleCo Signature hypo-allergenic bamboo pocket sprung cot bed mattress

Our parent testers, and their little ones, put the CuddleCo Signature hypo-allergenic bamboo pocket sprung cot bed mattress to the test and here is what they thought.

April said: "This mattress seems really comfy, it’s really soft and springy and easy to clean. My daughter really liked it, it felt like it contoured to her shape and she looked so cosy when she was sleeping. She moves a lot in her sleep and the mattress supported her well as she was sleeping. She slept just as well if not better than usual from the first night using it."

Deborah said: "The mattress is a lovely, sturdy design. The springs in the mattress produce a good level of firmness for my child to lay on - and is the same all over rather than dipping down at the sides when my son rolls onto an edge in his sleep. The ability to turn the mattress over to use during potty training is a great idea and something I’m looking forward to using when the time comes."

Kate said: "This mattress has a waterproof cover over one half of the mattress and a bamboo one over the other side, meaning that you don’t need to add an additional waterproof cover before you put a sheet on and once potty training is over then it can be switched over. The mattress fits our cot really well and seems to hold its shape well so far. It is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and supportive."

Alexandra said: "I really like this mattress, it fits well within my Troll cot and it feels sturdy and supportive. My little girl is very content lying on this and seems a lot more comfortable than the mattress she uses overnight in her Next To Me SnuzPod. This mattress felt like one that would be comfortable, but feels quite soft for babies below six months old. I like that it is hypoallergenic and breathable, I felt confident leaving my little one on it during her day time naps (when they happen that is!) but before six months old I would worry the mattress is a tad soft."

Kelly said: "I would highly recommend this product as my daughter has settled, and slept a lot better, since using it. We love that the mattress has two sides, soft one side and waterproof on the other so as my daughter is toilet training we don’t have to worry about getting a waterproof sheet, it also doesn't crinkle or bunch up under her which is great."

Sheradan said: "Since using the mattress, I have noticed my child had slept so much better. I'm not even going to humour that it could be a coincidence because even I think I slept well on it the one night I ended up in her room too. Having felt how rock solid some of these mattresses are, this one is genuinely super soft and comfortable."

CuddleCo Signature hypo-allergenic bamboo pocket sprung cot bed mattress specification

Age suitability: Birth to around 5 years old

Dimensions: 140cm x 70cm

Other: Two sided: one bamboo fabric with hypo allergenic and anti-microbial properties and the reverse side has an easy clean, training layer

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