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CuddleCo's Comfi-Love signature children's mattress has a luxurious feel and quality and responds to your child's position as they have a restful night's sleep. This bamboo, hypoallergenic mattress has been designed to last your little one as they grow.

How did this product make your life easier?

Phillipa: I love that this mattress is double-sided - meaning that I can use the one side (bamboo fabric) whilst my little one is young and then swap to the reverse (the easy-clean waterproof training layer) when my little one gets a bit older. The waterproof layer is still comfortable and my little one is more than happy sleeping on this! It’s also very easy to clean which makes a difference! The bamboo fabric on the other side is beautifully soft and so comfortable.

Hayley: I love the soft fabric side, it is lovely and soft, my little girl finds the fabric side very comfortable and she sleeps really well on it. The other side has a waterproof cover and is great for when we start toilet training. I won't need to buy waterproof sheets. We have also tried the waterproof side out for comfort and she slept really well, the waterproof material made no difference to her sleep. I love that the mattress cover is removable and can be put in the washing machine.

Jenny: I absolutely love this mattress, I've been using it with my 1-year-old and I wish I had found it sooner. He now goes into his cot and lays down on them with his bottle and off to sleep he goes. It's made it much easier for me to settle him and not have to worry about any spills from bottle. He didn't like having a protective sheet on his bed but with this mattress, there is no need for them anymore.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Fran: The design seems to have been thought through nicely - the surface on the baby side feels lovely and soft whilst providing support and a firm surface for smaller babies to sleep on their backs. The ease of removal and washability is good for smaller sicky babies as well as big ones who maybe potty training.

Nicola: This mattress is comparable to the other foam mattresses we looked at when we first bought our cot for our little one. It is lightweight, breathable and comfortable for my baby to sleep on. I have two wriggly babies and they both find this mattress comfortable and sleep well on it, for both naps and night time.

Laura: I love how comfy this mattress is for my baby. He slept peacefully all night. I love the hygienic aspect - the mattress is anti-allergenic and anti-microbial. It's breathable, meaning the mattress stays safer, and fresher for my baby. It is so easy to use and has kept my baby cool in the current heat wave we are having.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hayley: Yes I would. My little one sleeps so well on the mattress, she is comfortable and I am happy knowing that the mattress is hypoallergenic and has breathable airflow fibres. I love that the mattress has a soft fabric side and a waterproof side and I also love that the mattress cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine. I also like that it has been handmade in Great Britain.

Phillipa: I absolutely would purchase this product over other mattresses - the fact that it is double-sided and that both sides have their own purpose, ensuring that it will grow with the child over a number of years makes it really unique and special. I like the fact that the bamboo side is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and breathable helping to keep the mattress cleaner, fresher and germ-free.

Fran: I like the combination of a comfortable sleeping surface with underlying firmness to enable good infant sleep guidelines. It is a good price for a luxury feeling product and feels as it will last for the length of time for a baby to grow into a toddler.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola: I would prefer a sprung mattress to a pure foam one, although I realise these are different things. I prefer a traditional mattress with a bit more support, particularly for a cot bed, which will become a toddler bed. It needs to stand up to the rigours of storytime, and toddlers jumping up and down on the bed rather than going to bed!

Hayley: I would not change anything about the mattress, my daughter slept really well on it and it fit perfectly on her bed. The materials used did not affect her skin as she has very sensitive skin. The additional features of the waterproof side and the mattress cover is removable which just made it the perfect mattress.

Jenny: I honestly couldn't find anything to change with the mattress. I was happy with the quality, the price, the way I could just turn the mattress over as they are getting older. The way I didn't have to find things to lay in the cot when there had been an accident or spilled drink. I was able to clean the mattress straight the way. The main thing was my son was happy to go to bed and had a good night's sleep. This mattress was a winner at my house!

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