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When your little one has outgrown their travel cot, you might need to start looking at alternative sleepover beds, such as blow-up beds for toddlers, for when you're planning a mini-break, are having guests over, or just a sleepover at grandma's.

For whatever reason you need sleepover beds, they can act similar to a toddler travel bed and can be practical. An air mattress is often a good contender as they are easy to transport and store away. There are other options, such as fold-out kids sofas that are practical too.

Best sleepover beds at a glance:

Best sofa sleepover bed: Ready Steady Bed Kids Fold Out Sofa Bed - buy here on Amazon
Best inflatable sleepover bed: The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed - buy here on Amazon
Best travel sleepover bed: Bed in a Bag, Denim Blue - buy here on GLTC

While you might prefer to make sure they have a toddler bed even at grandma's, sometimes a sleepover bed can be more practical and a lot more fun for your little one to sleep in, and they might actually look forward to going to bed!

Best sofa sleepover bed

The Ready Steady Bed Kids Fold Out Sofa Bed is a great choice for toddlers, as it can be use as a practical place to sit during the day and then as a cosy bed at night. It doesn't take up much room either, so it's perfect for keeping at family member's house, or in your kid's room for when their friends or other little family members come to sleepover.

One review said: "My three year old grandson loves it and has slept well on it the two times he has slept over. It is good value for money for what it is but I wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than an occasional sleepover for a child up to around 7 years of age."


  • Removeable cover
  • Easy to switch between a sofa and a bed


  • Some mentioned it would be better to have something to secure it as a sofa
Suitable for ages:N/A
Dimensions as sofa:60 x 71 x 42cm
Dimensions as bed:60 x 168 x 13cm
  • Easily folds from bed to chair
  • Removable cover
  • Lightweight

Best inflatable sleepover bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

Rrp: $74.99

Price: $64.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$74.99View offer

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed has comfort and safety in mind. With inflated security rails, you can be sure that your toddler won't fall onto the floor with this inflatable mattress. It comes with an electric pump which inflates the bed in 5 minutes, which is a lot more convenient than hand pumping it. It also fits standard cot bed sheets.

Read our full review on The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed here.

Our review said: "It takes a normal cot bed sheet and can be used with a duvet or blanket, so there is no need to buy anything special. Bedding can be tucked into the sides of the travel bed to prevent them from slipping off in the night. The bed also has slightly elevated sides so that little ones don’t roll off and go bump in the night."


  • Quick inflation
  • Comes with a pump and travel bag


  • Some mentioned it can puncture easy
Suitable for ages:24 months+
Dimensions:23 x 94 x 152cm
  • Security rails
  • Tuck feature
  • Inflates in 5 minutes
  • Jetaire Electric Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Carrying Bag

Best cushion sleepover bed

Best sleepover bed Butterfly Craze Pillow Bed Floor Lounger
Price: $24.21
Alternative retailers
Walmart$31.99View offer

The Butterfly Craze Pillow Bed Floor Lounger requires five king size pillows that fit into the five compartments to create the cosiest sleepover bed. It's machine washable in case of any mess or accidents, and is perfect for taking with you to travel too. It also comes in an array of different colourful designs.

One review said: "My Grandchildren love their versatile sleepover beds and no more deflating airbeds! Lovely choice of colours and designs and easy to pop in washing machine when needed. Excellent customer care too."


  • Five hidden zips for pillow compartments
  • Different colour designs available


  • Pillows not included
Suitable for ages:5 to 12 years
Dimensions:28.4 x 25.1 x 8.1cm
  • Five hidden zip compartments

Best sleepover bed with hand pump

The Intex Kidz Travel Bed with Hand Pump comes with a manual pump. It has raised bumper sides for full safety, as well as a removable inner mattress. It's big enough for children to move around but also cosy to sleep in. Just be mindful where you lay the travel bed to sleep, as sharp corners might damage it.

One review said: "I bought this recently for our toddler to sleep in on a weekend away. It was really comfy for him and we did need to inflate again a little for the next evening but altogether it worked really well. Very happy we got it and looking forward to using it again. I seem to remember other reviews warning about placing near any sharp edges/corners and totally agree to be careful with those so it doesn’t pop."


  • Removable mattress
  • Bumper sides for safety


  • Pump is a hand/foot pump
Suitable for ages:3 to 6 years
Dimensions:168 x 107 x 25cm
  • Bumper sides
  • Carry bag
  • Hand pump included
  • Removeable inner mattress

Best camping sleepover bed

With camping in mind, this Readybed Single Inflatable Camping Air Bed and Sleeping Bag comes with a cover included as well as a pillow for a good nights sleep. You won't be forgetting anything because it's all included! It inflates in 40 seconds and is waterproof, has a washable cover and is perfect for any travelling you might be doing.

One review said: "I have been a huge fan of the ReadyBed for years. I believe they have improved the quality and my children love and actually feel comfortable to sleep in it. Very recommended especially when going away on Holidays and you don't know what to expect."


  • All-in-one bed
  • Inflates quickly


  • Some mentioned the covers are a little thin
Suitable for ages:3 to 6 years
Dimensions:170 x 70cm
  • Repair kit included
  • Carry bag
  • Sleeping bag and pillow

Best themed sleepover bed

Comprising of a mattress, pillow and cover, this PAW Patrol Junior ReadyBed can be inflated in minutes with the included easy to use pump. The cover can be easily removed to pop in the wash and it comes with a carry bag for transporting.

One customer wrote: "Bought this one and the princess one for sleepover beds for grandchildren age 3 and 4 . Kids slept perfectly and loved the beds as it was there special bed." Another customer wrote: "Great little bed perfect for my grandson for when he comes to stay."


  • Two in one portable air bed
  • Includes pump


  • Some mentioned it was tricky to inflate
Suitable for ages:3+ years
Dimensions:20 x 150 x 62cm
  • Pump included

Best sleepover bed for travel

The Bed in a Bag, Denim Blue can be rolled up so that it can be carried in a convenient bag to wherever your little one is staying. It has a waterproof base, and you can add a cover and duvet to it to make it extra cosy. It's also made from 100 per cent cotton.


  • Cosy and soft
  • Easy to take on the go


  • No onsite reviews
Suitable for ages:3+ years
Dimensions:180 x 60cm
Material:Cotton and polyester
  • Convenient carry bag

Best sleepover bed sleeping wrap

The Sleeping Wrap with Integrated Pillow wraps up easily so it can be conveniently stored. It also has a cover and an integrated pillow for added comfort. It's perfect for taking on the go for those quick naps and sleeps.


  • Easy to store
  • Built in cover


  • No onsite reviews
Suitable for ages:N/A
Dimensions:130 x 73cm

What do I use kids' blow up and sleepover beds for?

Kids blow up beds, or sleepover beds, are useful for a variety of different functions. Whether you're an adventurous family who needs to take an inflatable bed on your travels, you want a spare bed for friends and family at home or are looking for something easy for sleepovers, there are loads of reasons.

Some beds can be more novelty than others - you can get ones with unicorns or teddy bears on them, while others are more functional with comfort in mind. Take this into consideration when you're investing in your sleepover bed. Some beds are made with kids in mind, so might have features that you won't use as an adult, like inflatable bed guards.

Can I use an inflatable bed for a toddler or baby?

Using an air bed for any child younger than 15 months is definitely not recommended, as they can be hazardous and put your child at risk. A nap mat or toddler travel bed, also called a sleepover beds, would be more beneficial, however.

Above two years, you should be able to use a kids' blow-up bed to keep any child snug at night. Plus, a lot of kids' blow-up beds will include bumpers to ensure their safety, and no accidents in the middle of the night! These will stop them from rolling around and keep them safe and snug.

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