Safety 1st SecurTech Flat Step review

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Safety 1st SecurTech Flat Step

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At a glance:

The Flat Step stair gate offers a new safety level in U-Pressure gates. The gate is safer to walk through with its thin step over bar which is less of a trip hazard. The Safety 1st baby gate is perfect for using at the top of the stairs and opens easily by lifting the handle and closes with a simple press down movement thanks to the close-assist system. You can check that the gate is safely closed by looking at the Secure Tech indicator. This baby gate opens in both directions and features a "keep open" system which is handy for when the children aren't around.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Grace: Even if you don’t live in a home with stairs, these gates are useful additions to doorways when you have a mobile little one. These gates are essential as our little one wants to explore everything. The gate allows you to go up or down the stairs quickly and with ease, without having to fiddle about with a lock, as only one hand is required to open the gate. This makes carrying your baby or a full laundry basket up and down stairs and through the gate simple with the bonus of not having a big trip hazard.

Lauren: It is easy to install, minimal effort is needed. Once it's up, it's one less thing to worry about. This will remain in place at the top of my stairs but I would have no problems removing it and refitting somewhere else. It is a good size, the perfect height to keep a toddler safe and allows my cats to jump over it as they please. I give it a wobble every so often and so far it hasn't budged. I am very happy with this product.

Lesley: I found that the gate was very easy to set up, using the instructions as a guide.  It was equally as quick and easy to put away when not needed. The gate itself is light and not chunky to look at. It has a clean white finish and a flat footing so it is not a trip hazard like some others. I loved how easy it is to open as my other older kids can open it with ease without having to get help from me.

How did this product make your life easier?

Aimee: Safety is paramount to a parent with a moving child. The baby gate is perfect to ensure they remain where they should be and are not exposed to unnecessary hazards. As a busy mum, trying to cook dinner at the same time as entertaining a nine-month-old, I am safe in the knowledge that he won't come to any harm. It removes the need for me to pop my head around the doorway every 30 seconds. It means he is not exposed to stairs or an area that we have not baby-proofed yet.

Victoria: This stair gate has made life easier. I know that my daughter is free to roam and she is safe as she cannot climb up the stairs. This creates a safe zone for her to play. One thing I like about this stair gate is that you can use not only on the stairs but to block off certain rooms where you don't want your child to go like the kitchen.

Claire: I’d recommend this product to friends or other parents due to it’s usability. There have been many times, especially in the early days when we still did night feeds, that I would come downstairs and trip on the baby gate. This eliminates that issue. The look is standard but the pressure fitting makes it more flexible and less likely to cause damage to a wall or door frame. The flat step is a clever design.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sian: Although I do believe this is a great product I’m not convinced that it should win. There were times when we were frustrated due to the opening mechanism of the gate. The thing that does stand out about this product is the flat step and it is an outright winner for this element. It even beats the no step gates as they do not fit as securely in the doorway or opening as this does.

Katie: In comparison to other gates, we felt the ease of installing it was a huge selling point. I know when we take it down it will be just as easy. The ultra-thin bar that you step over is completely unobtrusive. I haven’t even come close to tripping over it or really noticed it is there. Lots of other gates have a bigger step or involve drilling whereas this has neither. It feels like the perfect solution!

Kate: I would choose this product to win. The design is sleek and fits into a modern household more than the usual clunky baby gates. It is also much less of a trip hazard, which is a great improvement. This is the only stairgate that I have seen that looks different and offers something outside of the usual design.

What changes would you make to this product?

Juliet: If I could change one thing, I would remove the bottom step completely. However, as all gates have them, I assume they are essential. I still caught my foot on the gate occasionally. My son was fine with it and never tripped, unlike the normal gates. My daughter stumbled slightly but she hasn't been walking long and it was far smaller for her to step over than normal.

Grace: Although you can open the gate one handed, I prefer the old squeeze style of baby gates. This may be because I am not used to the new mechanism which appears to be more childproof. I would change the installation instructions, had I not previously used other products from this brand, I would have found the instructions confusing. As with all stair gates, they are designed with functionality and practicality in mind with little consideration for style/aesthetics so this could be considered for future models.

Lauren: The QR code on the box appears to invite you to scan to access to an installation video. However, once I'd downloaded a QR reader and scanned it, I found myself just on their website with no obvious indication of where to go for the video. I ended up using a video from YouTube just to check I'd done it all correctly. I'd also mention that at first, I had no idea how to use the handle. It didn't seem obvious, but after a quick Google, I knew what to do!

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