Safety 1st Flat Step Gate review

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Safety 1st Flat Step Gate

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The Flat Step stair gate offers a new safety level in U-Pressure gates. The gate is safer to walk through with its thin step over bar which is less of a trip hazard. The Safety 1st baby gate is perfect for using at the top of the stairs and opens easily by lifting the handle and closes with a simple press down movement thanks to the close-assist system. You can check that the gate is safely closed by looking at the Secure Tech indicator. This baby gate opens in both directions and features a "keep open" system which is handy for when the children aren't around.

How did this product make your life easier?

Imogen: We have installed this gate at the top of our stairs so I can now let our 8-month-old crawl about without worrying about her falling. The installation was relatively simple with an option to stick it in place rather than having to make holes in the wall which I like. The gate will stay open if you pull it back to its furthest extent which is handy when you're carrying things up and downstairs.

Harriet: This product makes my life easier as a mum because it is super easy to install, and very lightweight. I have a 2-year-old and a one-year-old and chasing them around all day is a nightmare! It is great to have a stair gate that works and feels safe to keep my children looked after. The step feature stops me and the kids falling over too!

Katy: The flat step gate has been placed on our kitchen door to stop my youngest toddler (12 months) from getting in whilst the oven is on. It's brilliant. The gate can be easily opened with one hand, so it can be used whilst carrying the said baby, and stays open in whichever way you choose to open it. This is really useful because when the baby isn't there, the doorway can be used as if there isn't a gate. It also means the open gate doesn't block our toilet door or take up room in the small kitchen since you can move it out of the way. The mechanism to keep the door open is robust so you don't have to 'balance' it open which I find frustrating with our other stair gates. The handle clearly shows whether the door is locked and is simple and intuitive to use for adults. I haven't had to teach anyone who's visited how to use it - unusual! It is however firm enough to stop my older toddler, aged 3, from opening it. He isn't strong enough to pull the handle. This is a good thing!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Yousra: It is quite an expensive gate. It is well made and has nice design features, but we feel at the £30 price point, that makes it a product that we wouldn't feel comfortable recommending since there are other products out there that come in at perhaps half that price, or maybe £20 that are just as good.

Laura: Safety is a big feature for any baby equipment when purchasing as a parent. A gate is generally an obvious important addition to the house when you have a cruising baby/toddler. This gate with its flat bottom bar adds additional safety for us as a family, and especially at the top of the stairs where a higher bar on other gates was a trip hazard. Other gates with no bottom ledge are the drill in the wall variety and this is not always possible - we wanted a pressure fitted gate. Not having to remember to “step over the bar” as needed to on other pressured fitted gates was a great bonus and made life a lot easier and safer! This risk was previously compounded if needing to come downstairs in the middle of the night, sleep-deprived and bleary-eyed. The gate is a solid, well-made product that is easy to install. Hygiene wise, it is very easy to keep clean and looks smart in the modern home.

Katy: The flat step gate is really robust despite being a pressure point fitted safety gate. My younger toddler pulls to stand against it and my older toddler has even swung off the gate (before being told off!) without it moving from the position it was fitted to. I have previously only fitted screw attached gates because I didn't realise a pressure fitted gate could be so sturdy. The flat step really is flat against the floor despite living in an old house and having wonky walls, and probably floors! Installation with individually adjusted pressure points compensates for this, a really handy feature. It's great not to have to step over a bar at the bottom, no trips whilst carrying laundry or babies!

Would you choose this product to win?

Noor-ul-ain: The quality of the product really makes it stand out. it is very well made and has a good look to it. It is possible to extend it a little bit to use in wider spaces as well. Its ease of use is what makes it stand out from other contenders in the market. If allowed I would choose it again if I had to.

Imogen: I may choose this product above others because I like that you don't have to screw it in place. The bottom bar is relatively flat so the trip hazard when the gate is open is lessened which is good for someone who is clumsy like me! The price seems fair for the quality of the product. The locking mechanism is complex enough to prove a problem for older toddlers but can still be open one-handed.

Katy: Yes. The flat step U-shaped design is great, I always trip over other gates at least once. The design of the pressure points allows to it be fitted to a wide range of openings and still remain flush to the carpeted floor. The handle is easy to use and the gate remains in an opened position easily. It also doesn't bang shut which is great. The only downside is that it took a while to fit. The instructions are ok but it still took two of us some time to adjust the pads on the door frame to ensure the step was flush to the carpet.

What changes would you make to this product?

Harriet: I would not change anything about this product. It is really lightweight, good value for your money, easy to install and the step feature sets it above all other stair gates on the market. I am extremely happy with this stair gate and will be looking to purchase another very very soon for the top of the stairs.

Ada: There really isn’t anything significant that I would change about this product given the fact that I love it so much. I have been through a fair few stair gates over the years I have been a mum and this one has by far been my best. If I had to be really picky about this product and choose something I would change then I guess it would have to be the colour options. We have a wooden staircase, and it would have been nice to have the option of choosing a colour that complements this better than the only white colour this product comes in. But this is a little point that should not take away from how great I think this stair gate is and would not stop me from buying and recommending it to others. There is nothing more for me to say here as I would not change anything else about this product. I really do think it is a great stair gate. It has been very well designed and is of excellent quality.

Yousra: Probably wouldn't change much about the product itself. It is well made and does exactly what it is supposed to do, but it is, I'm afraid too expensive for us. We would not be wishing to spend £60 on gates (one each, for the bottom and the top of the stairs.) If they could bring that price down, even by just a fiver, it would be a better price point.

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